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Congressional Payraise May Get A Fight From Within!

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So can everyone that comes on into thetruthtracker, tell me how much YOUR RAISE WAS?  Wait you’re telling me you didn’t get a raise?  Oh well it’s okay neither did I, but congress seems to believe they deserve one.  HAHAHA  (Sorry I hope you didn’t cry after laughing so hard)

Yes folks you read that correctly, congress has it set up that they get an AUTOMATIC payraise every year, and this year they don’t appear to be in a hurry to change that.  This raise does not go up for a vote, it is automatically added to their pay.  Would you like to know the total of the raise they are expecting to receive Jan. 1st 2009?

$4,700/EA: amounting to an additional $2.5 million that taxpayers will spend on congressional salaries

But much to my surprise there is a DEMOCRATIC Congressman from Utah who is against the pay hike and is ready to fight for a VOTE.  Now to all of us taxpayers a vote on such an issue would seem like the obvious thing to do, but the majority of our congressional officials have tried to slide it undetected under our noses.

I’d like to thank Rep. Jim Matheson for trying to take a stand and have congress vote on the issue of a pay raise that HAS NOT BE EARNED.

Matheson again fights automatic pay hike

Despite the country’s economic meltdown, Congress is about to receive an automatic $4,700 pay raise on Thursday — a 2.8 percent increase over the current $169,300 salary for most members.

Rep. Jim Matheson says that is unconscionable, and he’s vowing to renew his annual fight to stop such automatic raises. He says the bad economy might just help him win this year, and a government watchdog group is joining his battle to say the raise is a bad idea in such times.

“In a situation where there aren’t many people in this country who are seeing their salaries go up, and in fact a lot of people are losing their jobs, the notion that Congress should be having an automatic pay raise without even a vote just doesn’t pass the smell test,” Matheson said earlier this month.

Agreeing is Tom Schantz, president of the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste — which also issued a call for Congress to stop its automatic pay raise.

“While thousands of Americans are facing layoffs and downsizing, Congress should be mortified to accept a raise,” Schantz said.

Worse, Schantz said Congress hasn’t earned a raise because it allowed the deficit to balloon while Congress was “plagued with corruptions allegations.” So, Schantz said, “If congressional leaders believe that the taxpayers should give pay raises to this rogues’ gallery of ineptitude and venality, they ought to step away from the spiked eggnog.”

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Please call your congressional officials and let them know they should get on the side of Rep. Matheson and reject the pay raise.

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Jason R. Bootie