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Time to push the Truth of Troopergate!

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Well good evening folks.  I have been thinking and debating with myself on getting caught up with “Troopergate”.  We listen to this and read that, but after hearing so much BS, I’ve decided to repost some actual information and honest information regarding the so called “Troopergate” scandal.

The MSM has never before been so far in the tank for 1 candidate, and it is starting to get very sickening even to those of us who are usually able to stomach the biased media.  You may not notice but when they are called on their biased agendas, I happen to find it funny that they(MSM) don’t tend to deny the biased, but try to give justification for it, or try to change the subject all together.

So in the wake of the Media digging for anything they can, and to the twisted words, and interviews they are producing to try and bring down Gov. Sarah Palin, I feel it a necessity to provide you my fellow Americans with some audio that will show how the Democrats and a few Barack Obama supporters are trying to sabotage the investigation into Abuse of power by Gov. Palin.  I also want to make it know that the investigation has no legitimacy to it and will not damage anything like the liberals think it will.

The post below was written and posted by one of the main individuals who have gotten Gov. Palin on the Republican Ticket.  It takes audio that Amanda Carpenter from got and is sharing with us for the benefit of us finding out who is trying to do what with this (as Adam puts it) Non-Scandal.

ACTION ALERT: Bombshell Troopergate Audio!

I can’t believe I missed this column yesterday, but Townhall’s Amanda Carpenter has unearthed some very disturbing audio regarding the legislative “investigation” of the “Troopergate” non-scandal. The tape was made during a September 12 hearing of the state legislature’s Joint Judiciary Committee, in which the committee is discussing the investigation with Investigator Steve Branchflower. The bombshell information is dropped by Branchflower when he reveals that he does not have control of the subpoena list for his own investigation. Instead, he has to defer questions to the Democratic State Senator Hollis French, who is supervising the investigation. This is the same Hollis French who is one of Barack Obama’s leading Alaskan supporters, started using the term “impeachment” before the investigation even began, and is now vocally threatening the McCain-Palin campaign with an “October surprise”. Such a partisan hack has no business even participating in this investigation, let alone holding final control over who Steve Branchflower can or cannot talk to.

This is the last straw for me as far as this “Troopergate” nonsense is concerned. I’ve already spent time detailing Steve Branchflower’s conflicts of interest Sen. French’s partisan diatribes, and I will no longer go along with the media’s refusal to report the shenanigans of this kangaroo court. So, here’s what I’m proposing: Let’s make sure this audio gets into as many hands as possible. Send it to the Alaskan media, the national media, the McCain campaign, your local newspaper, your favorite conservative publication….anything goes. I’m going to go back and dig up all of the old articles on French and Branchflower so that we have a concise list of references regarding their conflicts of interest, which I will post here as soon as I can. I see no reason to rest until this story hits the national newswires. They want an October surprise, than we’ll give them an October surprise.

Posted by Adam Brickley, aka “ElephantMan”

This gentleman like I said was one of the most, if not the most influential people to help get the Palin for VP supporters rallied.  He has devoted tons of time that most people would never even attempt to share, with perfect strangers and has not wanted anything in return.

Folks please read, listen and share with everyone, so that the MSM is unable to try and smear Gov. Palin.  We need to make sure that “We the People”, are informed correctly and vote for what we know, and not for what the media wants to try and sell us.

God Bless,
Jason R. Bootie
The Truth Tracker

Written by truthtracker

September 17, 2008 at 11:54 AM

Typical Liberal Attacks on Conservatives!!

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I find it so fun how the left has NO problem bashing, mocking and making fun of folks who are conservatives.  Yet if they are offended in anyway, then the sky is going to come falling down.  I mean I love reading titles and as soon as you’re done reading them, you know exactly what to expect.  Here are two from our local newspaper in Lancaster, PA “The fearful world of conservatives” and “A liberal idea of patriotism“.  Now if you can’t come up with an idea of what to expect from those titles then you are most likely out of the political loop.

Well sometimes I get so sick and tired of hearing the same arguments and complaints time after time, that I end up deciding to voice my little opinion.  After reading the title (A liberal idea of patriotism) by Gil Smart in the Lancaster Sunday News over the July 4th weekend I knew I’d be in for some interesting reading.  I read Mr. Smarts column, mainly to get a kick out of the continuous talking points he continues to spew out from the Liberal MSM.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. Smart doesn’t visit the TalkingPointsMemo website daily!!  I mean his statements throughout a majority of his columns; look like he read from some official Liberal Talking Points Manuel.

First he tries bashing Glenn Beck by only picking the part of the quote he desired, by printing: “Heck, conservative yakker Glenn Beck last month said rather than let the Supreme Court permit terrorist suspects (key word) to go free, we should just shoot them all.”  Well to start off with here is the FULL quote to which Mr. Smart decided to cherry pick from:

(GLENN: Joe, I’m saying this in jest but it really is that, isn’t it? I mean, it’s really; it’s going down that road, isn’t it? Holy cow, Joe just said this decision is frightening when you read the language. This court has done some frightening, frightening. With Guantanamo, gang, I got news for you. We’re in deep trouble with Guantanamo.  We can’t do this; we’re going to give these guys access to our courts? Let me say something. If I were President of the United States, I would go on national television and say, ladies and gentlemen of America, the Supreme Court said that we don’t have Guantanamo, so that is over, we’re going to release all of them but I want you to know from here on out our policy is to not have prisoners. We’re going to shoot them all in the head. If we think that they are against us, we’re going to shoot them and kill them, period.  Because that’s the only thing we’ve got going for us is we can put them away and get information.

See now to the average reader, who Mr. Smart assumes won’t double check his MSM mentality, and liberal biased attacks, that would make you thing Glenn Beck is a horrible individual.  But on to the contrary, Mr. Beck does plenty of positive things and gives you information that the Main Stream Media won’t.

Then Mr. Smart seems to think we should not go spreading Americas (Ideals) around the world.  Oh so then we should just forget trying to help other countries out?  Yeah that’s a great idea; we just keep to ourselves and not bother other countries with the Ideals that work here in the U.S.  We’ll just let them suffer and who cares what happens to them right?  It’s not our problem just let all the countries go crying to China, Russia, and all those other great countries that will have their best interests in mind.

Let’s see, does anyone know why those 2 countries or any other countries would gladly step in our place to help out those struggling and/or dictated countries?  Well I’ll try and take a stab at the most possible and logical answer(s).  Could it be that any country that doesn’t want to see the U.S. help other struggling countries, know darn well that if things came down to push and shove, those struggling countries will remember who extended a helping hand, and who wants to see their economies and countries prosper just as much as we want to see our own country prosper.  Or in the case of war, (OH WAIT, SORRY FOLKS I AM USING THE TYPICAL RIGHT WING SCARE TACTIC) who do you believe those newly prospering countries will assist first?  I have a guess; they will return the favors, and assistance that was given to them by any country other than the U.S., because we should not put our nose where it doesn’t belong according to those lovely leftist liberals.

Oh and then Mr. Smart for the 2nd week in a row, tells us that we should in essence go back to our Sept. 10th 2001 mind sets that (It Won’t Happen to us!)  He says that conservatives think we should go around and bully everyone, “But conservatives will tell you we have no choice but to wage the grand crusade, because the terrorists threaten our very existence.” So does this mean Conservatives are wrong for wanting to protect our country from those, who as Mr. Smart mentioned “threaten our very existence”?  Sounds like it to me, but trust me his statements of which he can freely speak and express, show how naive folks can be.  “And see, liberals reject that. The terrorists aren’t going to destroy us — and in any case, you don’t defend American ideals by undermining them. America is better than that, stronger than that — or has been. And must be, again.” I’d like to hear him say that to those families who lost loved ones on 9/11, let’s hear you tell them that was a once and done attack and your loved ones were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.  That is just about what I take from a statement like that.  (OPPS SORRY FOLKS THERE I GO AGAIN USING A TYPICAL RIGHT WING SCARE TACTIC)  I apologize and will try to work on that flaw of mine. LOL

Well folks I just like to let the liberal loving media out there know that just because they think we are dumb and should listen to their talking points, doesn’t mean we are or that we will.  I hope my input can be of some help to even just one person.

God Bless you and our Country,
The Truth Tracker
Jason R. Bootie

Written by truthtracker

July 8, 2008 at 2:40 PM

Where are the heart warming stories from Iraq?

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Lately we have seen few if any stories from our “Newsworthy” MSM, and we all know the reasons for that. First, the majority of the media are so far in the liberals pockets it is not even funny.  They wouldn’t dare print anything positive from the War On Terror.  Another reason for not printing stories, is that most of the MSM only think negativity sells, and seeing as how there has been little negativity going on in Iraq, the war has almost become back page material.

Now on occasion we have the privilege of hearing about the successes going on over in Iraq.  We hear about all the incredible things our brave men and women are doing over in Iraq and Afghanistan.  There are however, no where near enough of these tear jerking, stories that get shared with the American People.  I have a friend who was over in Iraq when we 1st went in and he shared a story that made me so proud of our troops and what they go through for our freedom, and to help secure a diplomatic Iraq.

He started off explaining how he and a few other marines were under snipper fire from a group of militants, when he spotted a young child caught in the cross fire.  What do you think he did?  Nope he didn’t just ignore the child and keep shooting at the insurgents, he got the attention of a fellow marine next to him, and while the rest of his fellow brothers and sisters covered them, they took off into the middle of the crossfire to grab the young child and bring the child back to safety.

I don’t remember hearing about these heroic stories, do you?   The reason I bring this to light is because of another story I read, “Soldier helps dream come true”. A young Iraqi girl, Shahad Abbas was walking to school when a roadside bomb exploded nearby.  Two pieces of shrapnel are still lodged in her back to remind her of that day.  Her little brother, Ali, was killed.  Falcon couldn’t just walk on, so he stopped to talk.  He came back the next day and the day after that, then every day for six months, bringing her toys, gauze for her legs, a new wheelchair. Anything she asked for he would bring.   Staff Sgt. Luis Falcon and Shahad created a bond, and Sgt. Falcon made it his mission to help Shahad get a set of prosthetic limbs. Just three weeks before he’s scheduled to leave Iraq, his dream and hers came true.   Shahad was fitted with prosthetic limbs in a U.S. military-funded clinic in Baghdad.  And a few days later her mother and uncle wheeled her in to the clinic to pick up her prosthetic legs.  By that afternoon she was taking her first steps.   At first she was tentative and a little scared.

Falcon called out, “Sasha, come give me a hug.”  With a sloppy grin on her face, she took several shaky steps into his arms.

These are just a few of what I can only imagine are hundreds if not thousands of heart felt stories that our incompetent MSM are unwilling to cover.  So that leaves it up to you and I to spread these wonderful stories about so many incredible individuals.

God Bless,
The Truth Tracker
Jason R. Bootie

Written by truthtracker

June 6, 2008 at 4:43 AM