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Is Barack Hussein Obama still a U.S. Senator?

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Last I checked I thought Barack Obama was still a U.S. Senator from Illinois!  Well I would like to know what he is doing playing basketball against the NC Tarheels?  So he is playing basketball, campaigning for the presidency and trying to save his presidential bid by breaking his relationship with his Spiritual Mentor, Advisor and friend Rev. Jeremiah Wright.  I’m sorry, but we have not heard anything different from what Rev. Wright said at his pulpit.  So it is blatantly obvious that there is a need for Obama to try and pretend not to be a typical dishonest politician. HMMMM.  He is doing all of this while there have been a horrible amount of shootings going on in Chicago.

This is one main reason I feel that any elected official who wants to run for another office should have to step down.  It is only fair to the constituents that voted him/her into office, end up getting the most attention.  If it not for those voters they would not have been elected!!  I may be mistaken, and will gladly correct myself but I have not heard Obama address the 36 shootings and 9 deaths and that was just two days…..(oh wait there was another shooting murder which brings the total to an unfortunate 12 killings.  But that doesn’t include the 20 Chicago public school students who were shot to death six months ago.

It may seem like I am picking on Obama, but I’d be critical of any politician in his position.  Our elected officials need to remember they are elected to serve the constituents, not try to secure their own political agenda or future.  And definitely not to sit and neglect their duty as elected officials.

God Bless,
The Truth Tracker
Jason R. Bootie

Written by truthtracker

May 1, 2008 at 5:44 AM