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What’s This? Obama Worse Than Bush on Wars!

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Yes you read that right.  According to some Anti-War Activists.


Obama’s War Policies Worse than Bush’s, Anti-War Activist Says

Adam Kokesh, Iraq Veterans Against the War

Adam Kokesh, Iraq Veterans Against the War

( – President Barack Obama’s war policies in Iraq and Afghanistan are criminal and worse than those of former President Bush, according to Adam Kokesh, who serves on the board of directors of the anti-war group Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW).

Kokesh and other members of the IVAW gathered on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., on Thursday to call on Obama to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. They also launched a 24-hour vigil/demonstration called “Operation No Change” to mark the sixth anniversary of the start of the Iraq War (March 20, 2003).

“In some ways, Obama is worse than Bush,” Kokesh told “Bush wasn’t proposing a surge in Afghanistan – and Bush was talking about a quicker timeline for withdrawal than Obama.”

“That’s why we called this ‘Operation No Change,’” said Kokesh. “What Obama is doing with our foreign policy on a fundamental level is not change. Though we are going to re-label the troops ‘non-combat troops,’ they are still out there, and clearly they are still fighting for American interests.”

Kokesh also said that he “absolutely” thinks Obama’s war policies are criminal and that he has not been surprised by Obama’s actions since he became president in January.

“I’m not disappointed because I never had any hope in him,” said Kokesh. “All of the predications of those of us who read the fine print about Obama have come true. During the primaries he sold himself very vaguely as a peace candidate and said he wanted to end the occupations.

“But when that congealed into something specific, I could see right away he really had no interest in reforming foreign policy or ending these occupations,” Kokesh said.

Tracy Harmon, however, who is an IVAW member, told that while she has been disappointed in Obama’s actions since his inauguration, she thinks he is sincere about his intention to withdraw from Iraq.

“I do believe him,” said Harmon. “I think he wants to get us out but it has taken longer – he extended the pullout date by three months.”

Harmon said that Obama’s decision to send a surge into Afghanistan demonstrates that he is not a “peace president” as many voters may have thought.

“For the most part, it is a disillusionment,” she said. “He is seen as an anti-war president, but he is starting a whole new war in Afghanistan.”

When it comes to war policy, there were a number of presidential candidates who would have been better than Obama, including 2008 candidates Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), former Sen. John Edwards (D-N.C.), and Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), said Kokesh.

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The Truth Tracker
Jason R. Bootie

Iraq Withdrawal was Who’s Plan?

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The Bush Pullout

Iraq War: President Obama traveled to Camp Lejeune, N.C., on Friday to announce that the U.S. would stay in Iraq at least until 2012 and keep 50,000 troops there even after combat ends. Sound familiar?

Obama’s withdrawal plan would take U.S. forces in Iraq down from a current 142,000 troops to 35,000 to 50,000. Under the status of forces agreement between the U.S. and Iran, negotiated and signed last year by the Bush administration, all forces must be out of Iraq by the end of 2011.

In short, though President Obama will get credit, it was Bush’s plan — not Obama’s.

When Obama first began running for the nation’s highest office in 2006, he vowed he would immediately withdraw all U.S. combat forces if elected. At the time, few with any knowledge about the conflict in Iraq took him seriously.

And sure enough, faced with the realities on the ground in Iraq and in the campaign back home, Obama changed his stance last year from immediately withdrawing all combat forces to one of removing, as his campaign Web site said, “one to two combat brigades each month, and (having) all our combat brigades out of Iraq within 16 months.”

Now comes his much-awaited plan. Technically, Obama won’t be able keep his most recent promise on troop withdrawals, but he’ll come close. For that he can thank President Bush and the highly successful “surge” in troops he and Gen. David Petraeus put in place, making withdrawal possible.

In Friday’s remarks, Obama told the assembled Marines: “Today I’ve come to speak to you about how the war in Iraq will end.” But in fact, the actual war has been over for some time. We hate to tell the Bush-haters out there, or to relive painful recent history, but President Bush won it, making the current pullout possible.

That victory was underscored in January when Iraq held largely peaceful elections, in which voters mostly repudiated extremist parties in favor of the moderate leadership of Nouri al-Maliki.

In his comments Friday, Obama noted the progress made.

“Thanks in great measure to your service,” he said, “the situation in Iraq has improved. Violence has been reduced substantially from the horrific sectarian killing of 2006 and 2007.

“Al-Qaida in Iraq has been dealt a serious blow by our troops and Iraq’s Security Forces, and through our partnership with Sunni Arabs,” Obama continued. “The capacity of Iraq’s Security Forces has improved, and Iraq’s leaders have taken steps toward political accommodation.”

He further lauded January’s elections showing Iraqis have begun “pursuing their aspirations through peaceful political process.”

All very true. Iraq has been a big success, which explains why you never see or hear about it in the mainstream news anymore. Suicide bombings and attacks on troops have become relatively rare, and now that Bush is out of office, there’s little political profit remaining for the left in bashing America’s bold Mideast initiative.

Whether you agree with Bush or not, he brought a kind of democracy to Iraq that can be found nowhere else in that region. His plan rocked al-Qaida back on its heels, to the point where its survival is in doubt. Iraq is a model.

In short, Obama’s policy is really, in most respects, Bush’s policy. That the troops can now come home proudly is a tribute to Bush’s steadfastness. But Obama will be wise not to remove them all.

We kept troops in Europe and Japan after World War II and in South Korea after the Korean War. Bush’s policy proved that democracy can take root where no one thought possible. But as in Europe, Korea and Japan, it must be protected.

God Bless,
The Truth Tracker
Jason R. Bootie

Green Zone No Longer In U.S. Control!

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Iraq takes control of Green Zone

Iraq has taken control of security in Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone after a UN mandate for troops expired.

The end of the UN mandate – put into place soon after the invasion in March 2003 – means Iraq will now take greater control of its own security.

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki welcomed the move as Iraq’s “day of sovereignty” at the handover ceremony.

US and British forces will remain in Iraq – but with Iraqi permission, under two separate bilateral deals.

Powerful symbol

“I’d like to congratulate you and the Iraqi people on this day for which we have waited for more than 17 years,” Mr Maliki said at the handover ceremony at the Presidential Palace, the former home of ousted leader Saddam Hussein.

“We have the right to consider this day as the day of sovereignty and it is the beginning that Iraq will regain every particle of its soil as well as all of its will and sovereignty.”

Iraqi forces will take over responsibility for the security of the zone, the fortified area which houses the Iraqi government, coalition headquarters and most embassies.

The fortified zone is a powerful symbol of the US-led occupation of Iraq.

Article continues here:

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Jason R. Bootie

Army deserter tries overseas since Canada is NOT a Guarentee!

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Army deserter seeks asylum in Germany over Iraq

U.S. Army specialist Andre Shepherd waits for the start of a news conference in Frankfurt, November 27, 2008.

U.S. Army specialist Andre Shepherd waits for the start of a news conference in Frankfurt, November 27, 2008.

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Jason R. Bootie

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November 28, 2008 at 5:14 PM

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US Deaths at Wartime Low in Iraq!

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Wow I wonder how many of the MSM news outlets will report this incredibly encouraging news?

God bless our brave men and women and their family and friends for ALL the sacrifices they go through for our freedom and protection.  They are also incredible for their bravery as they help liberate millions of other people.

US deaths in Iraq plunge to wartime low in October

Oct 31, 6:41 PM (ET)


BAGHDAD (AP) – U.S. deaths in Iraq fell in October to their lowest monthly level of the war, matching the record low of 13 fatalities suffered in July. Iraqi deaths fell to their lowest monthly levels of the year. Eight of the 13 Americans died in combat, most of them in northern Iraq where al-Qaida and other Sunni insurgent groups remain active. The U.S. military suffered 25 deaths in September and 23 in August.

In Afghanistan, meanwhile, 15 U.S. military deaths were reported for October. The monthly toll in that combat theater had been in the 20s since June, when 28 Americans were killed – the worst one-month total since that war began in late 2001.

The sharp drop in American fatalities in Iraq reflects the overall security improvements across the country following the Sunni revolt against al-Qaida and the rout suffered by Shiite extremists in fighting last spring in Basra and Baghdad.

But the decline also points to a shift in tactics by extremist groups, which U.S. commanders say are now focusing their attacks on Iraqi soldiers and police that are doing much of the fighting.

Iraqi government figures showed at least 364 Iraqis killed in October – including police, soldiers, civilians and militants.

Despite the sharp decline, the Iraqi death toll serves as a reminder that this remains a dangerous, unstable country despite the security gains, which U.S. military commanders repeatedly warn are fragile and reversible.

U.S. commanders are also worried that security could worsen if the Iraqi parliament refuses to approve a new security agreement by the end of December, when the U.N. Security Council mandate under which the coalition operates in Iraq expires.

Without a new agreement or a new U.N. mandate, U.S. military operations would have to stop. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s government is pressing for changes in the draft agreement before submitting it to parliament.

Much of that concern focuses on Mosul, Iraq’s third largest city about 225 miles northwest of Baghdad. U.S. and Iraqi troops launched a new operation Oct. 15 to clear al-Qaida and other insurgent groups from the city.

Violence occurs almost daily in Mosul, although the U.S. military says attacks there are down by almost half since May.

Attacks and threats against Christians in Mosul prompted about 13,000 of them to flee the city in early October.

On Friday, a local official, Jawdat Ismaeel, said Christians were trickling back after police and soldiers increased patrols and checkpoints in Christian neighborhoods. He said that 35 Christian families, about 210 people, returned in the past week and that the exodus from the city had largely stopped.

The Iraqi government has offered each Christian family that returns 1 million Iraqi dinars – about $865 – although officials say the response so far has been lukewarm.

Also Friday, government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh announced that Iraq and Iran have agreed to exchange bodies of soldiers killed during the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war. He said the exchange – 200 Iraqi bodies for 41 Iranian – would take place Nov. 15 at a border post that he did not identify.

Hundreds of thousands of soldiers from both sides were killed or went missing during the war.

The International Committee of the Red Cross announced Oct. 16 that the two countries agreed on how to gather and share information about the missing and hand over any remains uncovered.

God Bless,
The Truth Tracker
Jason R. Bootie

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November 1, 2008 at 12:28 PM

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President Bush a hero for Iraqi’s??

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What?  Hold up a minute, you mean Iraqi’s do actually like American’s and President Bush?  Wow has anyone asked the MSM and the Liberals if they heard or read this article?  If not we better give them a heads up, so they can start attacking this brave Iraqi who risked his life for our troops, by becoming a translator.

‘Most Iraqi People Say President Bush Is a Hero,’ Immigrant Says

By Penny Starr, Senior Staff Writer

( – Benny Aldosakee left Iraq five months ago, after getting special immigration status through a federal law that allows some translators who worked with the United States in Iraq or Afghanistan to come to America.

Aldosakee said that most Iraqis are grateful to President Bush and the U.S. military for removing dictator Saddam Hussein and that the many in the major media, here and abroad, are misinforming people about Iraq and the Middle East.

Aldosakee’s journey from his hometown of Dahuk in northern Iraq to his home today in Elizabethtown, N.C., where he is working on a congressional campaign, reveals a portrait of Iraq and its people not often on view to Americans.

Aldosakee said before the U.S. led invasion of Iraq, he and his family were resigned to live their lives under Saddam Hussein’s rule.

“Because we couldn’t even dream that one day in our lives that Saddam Hussein would be removed from his power,” Aldosakee, 28, told “And President Bush did it within a month.”

Aldosakee said that fact alone has shaped the opinion of the majority of his countrymen.

“Most people in Iraq say President Bush is a hero,” said Aldosakee, who was on Capitol Hill earlier this month for a campaign event for Will Breazeale, a congressional candidate in North Carolina’s 7th district.

And Aldosakee, a Sunni Muslim, said that sentiment includes Shia Muslims and the Kurdish people in Iraq.

“All of us,” he said.

For Aldosakee, the fall of Saddam Hussein inspired him to stand up for his own convictions. In 2005, Aldosakee ran a small Internet café, a business he said was successful. Before that, he had worked for a number of years for the United Nations in Iraq, where he honed his English skills. Then he was offered a different kind of job.

“One day an Iraqi general was looking for (someone) to actually translate between him and (the) American forces,” Aldosakee told “He couldn’t find anybody, because everyone was scared. They were afraid to go and work for the military. So he asked me to go with him. I went back home, and I told my parents.”

In Iraq, Aldosakee explained, even a grown man has to ask his parents’ permission when making a life-changing decision. His parents were against his plan. But Aldosakee asked his father if he could explain why he wanted to work as a translator for the U.S. military.

“I said, ‘Dad, who do you think I’m going to work for?’ He said, ‘Americans.’ I said, “Who are those Americans?’ He said, ‘Americans are Americans.’ I said, ‘No, they are not only Americans. They are those people who sacrificed themselves, their blood, and they left their kids behind, they left their country – the greatest country in the world – and came here to give me freedom,  so why shouldn’t I go help them to free my people?’ So my father looked at me and said, ‘Go, son. Go.'”

“That was an amazing day for me,” said Aldosakee.

Aldosakee’s assignment involved working with a military transition team, which is a team of U.S. military in charge of training the Iraqi army. That is how he met Will Breazeale, a three-time combat veteran of the wars in Iraq and Kuwait. In 2006, Breazeale was deployed to Iraq as an army reservist who advised an Iraqi division headquarters company commander.

For one year, Aldosakee worked as a translator with Breazeale, a working relationship that led to mutual respect and friendship.

Breazeale was a witness to Aldosakee’s good work and character, which helped him to come to the United States with special immigrant status.

Aldosakee said he had no idea what he would find in America.

“I have met thousands of people,” Aldosakee said. “I have found out that the American people are the most wonderful people on this planet. I did not know that before because we don’t know anything about America. We only see bad things about America.”

Aldosakee blames the media in both countries for any ill-will that exists between his people and Americans, adding that Al Jazeera is the main source of news in his country.

“What they show us in our country is only things that are against my religion,” he said. “I’ll give you an example. In California right now there is a law that gay marriage is allowed. In my country it is totally against the law, and it is totally against my religion. So people hate those people who make the law.

“The government is the one (that) makes the law, so we say all of American government is corrupted,” he added.

“The media gives Iraqi a terrible picture of American people, and the media gives you guys a terrible picture of the Iraqi people,” he said.

Aside from his campaign work, Aldosakee is also studying to earn his high school diploma. He said he has no plans to go back to Iraq.

“I am staying forever,” he said.

God Bless,
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Time for Murtha to man up and apologize!

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I live in the great state of Pennsylvania, and the one thing that is bugging me is that I can’t cast a vote for William Russell.  I can and have supported him many other ways, and with the grace of God all we can do is pray that the constituents of the 12th PA District are so fed up with their current disgraceful congressman that they vote for Russell this coming Nov.4th.

Only God and the brave men who stood trial after Murtha made such smearing and non-factual comments, know what they must have been going through.  I’m glad to see that since they have been found innocent, they are going after the man who has not even apologized for his comments even after he has been proven wrong.

Listen to what Murtha says:

Murtha sued over remarks


The Tribune-Democrat

In May 2006, six months after 24 people were killed in a small Iraqi town, U.S. Rep. John Murtha made a startling accusation.

American soldiers, he contended, had killed innocent civilians “in cold blood.”

Now, less than six weeks before the longtime Johnstown Democrat is up for re-election, a Marine involved in the now-infamous Haditha incident is suing Murtha for slander.

Justin Sharratt of Canonsburg, Washington County, left the Marine Corps last year. But he claims Murtha’s statements have caused “permanent, irreversible damage to his reputation.”

“What Murtha did is outrageous, and I am seeking punitive damages,” said Noah Geary, a Pittsburgh attorney representing Sharratt.

The lawsuit was filed Thursday in federal court in Pittsburgh.

It includes Murtha’s statements from nationally televised interviews in 2006, including an exchange during a CNN interview with anchor Wolf Blitzer.

“There was an (improvised explosive device) attack, it killed one Marine, and then they overreacted and killed a number of civilians without anybody firing at them,” Murtha told Blitzer.

“That’s what you’re going to find out.”

At this point, though, seven of the eight servicemen charged in the incident have been cleared.

Geary said Sharratt was charged with three counts of unpremeditated murder but later was exonerated.

Sharratt, 24, was honorably discharged from the Marines, Geary said.

The lawsuit claims Murtha violated Sharratt’s constitutional rights to presumption of innocence and due process of law.

While Geary acknowledged that the congressman never mentioned his client by name, he said media reports did identify Sharratt. And the effects have been long-lasting, the attorney said.

“People see that on TV,” Geary said. “It becomes truth – it becomes a fact.”

He added that “Justin has had people approach him, giving him a hard time” in reference to Haditha.

And the suit says Sharratt has lost “significant employment opportunities” and “significant associational opportunities.”

Murtha, through a spokesman, offered no comment Thursday.

But when a different Haditha Marine filed a lawsuit against him in 2006, Murtha said he simply wanted to focus attention on troops who were “caught in the middle of a tragic dilemma” in war-torn Iraq.

“When I spoke up about Haditha, my intention was to draw attention to the horrendous pressure put on our troops in Iraq and to the cover-up of the incident,” Murtha said at the time.

The 2006 lawsuit is ongoing.

It was filed by Frank D. Wuterich, the only Marine not yet cleared in the Haditha incident.

Wuterich has pleaded not guilty to voluntary manslaughter charges, The Associated Press reported.

Haditha has become a political issue in western Pennsylvania.

Diana Irey, a Republican Washington County commissioner, often spoke of the Haditha Marines during her unsuccessful 2006 campaign against Murtha.

Republican William Russell, challenging Murtha this year, has resurrected the theme.

In fact, Russell’s campaign Web site features a “personal video message” from Justin Sharratt’s father, Darryl. And Russell’s only television ad has focused on Murtha’s Haditha comments.

Geary denied that Sharratt’s lawsuit is connected in any way to the Russell campaign.

Instead, he said, the legal action must be filed now because a statute of limitations for slander lawsuits is about to expire.

“There’s no political motivation whatsoever,” Geary said. “This is purely a legal endeavor.”

Nevertheless, Russell issued a statement on Sharratt’s lawsuit Thursday.

“I sincerely hope that Congressman Murtha will use this opportunity to admit his mistake and take responsibility for the harm his false accusations have done to Justin Sharratt and his family,” Russell said.

“Justin’s right to justice goes beyond politics.”

Murtha has 60 days to respond to the lawsuit.

God Bless,
The Truth Tracker
Jason R. Bootie

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Where are the heart warming stories from Iraq?

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Lately we have seen few if any stories from our “Newsworthy” MSM, and we all know the reasons for that. First, the majority of the media are so far in the liberals pockets it is not even funny.  They wouldn’t dare print anything positive from the War On Terror.  Another reason for not printing stories, is that most of the MSM only think negativity sells, and seeing as how there has been little negativity going on in Iraq, the war has almost become back page material.

Now on occasion we have the privilege of hearing about the successes going on over in Iraq.  We hear about all the incredible things our brave men and women are doing over in Iraq and Afghanistan.  There are however, no where near enough of these tear jerking, stories that get shared with the American People.  I have a friend who was over in Iraq when we 1st went in and he shared a story that made me so proud of our troops and what they go through for our freedom, and to help secure a diplomatic Iraq.

He started off explaining how he and a few other marines were under snipper fire from a group of militants, when he spotted a young child caught in the cross fire.  What do you think he did?  Nope he didn’t just ignore the child and keep shooting at the insurgents, he got the attention of a fellow marine next to him, and while the rest of his fellow brothers and sisters covered them, they took off into the middle of the crossfire to grab the young child and bring the child back to safety.

I don’t remember hearing about these heroic stories, do you?   The reason I bring this to light is because of another story I read, “Soldier helps dream come true”. A young Iraqi girl, Shahad Abbas was walking to school when a roadside bomb exploded nearby.  Two pieces of shrapnel are still lodged in her back to remind her of that day.  Her little brother, Ali, was killed.  Falcon couldn’t just walk on, so he stopped to talk.  He came back the next day and the day after that, then every day for six months, bringing her toys, gauze for her legs, a new wheelchair. Anything she asked for he would bring.   Staff Sgt. Luis Falcon and Shahad created a bond, and Sgt. Falcon made it his mission to help Shahad get a set of prosthetic limbs. Just three weeks before he’s scheduled to leave Iraq, his dream and hers came true.   Shahad was fitted with prosthetic limbs in a U.S. military-funded clinic in Baghdad.  And a few days later her mother and uncle wheeled her in to the clinic to pick up her prosthetic legs.  By that afternoon she was taking her first steps.   At first she was tentative and a little scared.

Falcon called out, “Sasha, come give me a hug.”  With a sloppy grin on her face, she took several shaky steps into his arms.

These are just a few of what I can only imagine are hundreds if not thousands of heart felt stories that our incompetent MSM are unwilling to cover.  So that leaves it up to you and I to spread these wonderful stories about so many incredible individuals.

God Bless,
The Truth Tracker
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