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Obama has $30 Million Surplus but Still Asks Donors for Help??

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Okay I must be missing something here.  I mean Obama has a $30 Million surplus from his campaign donations and is trying to decide what to do with the money.

Obama Campaign Mulls what to do with $30M Surplus

Obama’s organization retains some $30 million after his successful presidential bid, but it’s unclear how the Democratic president-in-waiting might use the money.  Members of his party are doing their best to appeal for the funds without appearing greedy, ungrateful or hostile to their new leader.

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But yet Obama is asking his 3 Million Donors to help pay Senator Clinton’s debt?  Her debt is listed at $7.5M, which is only a 1/4 of Obama’s surplus.  So instead of helping his soon to be Secretary of State pay off her debt (which will restrict her fundraising abilities when appointed) he decides to try and put the burden of the debt on his donors shoulders.

Obama’s 3 Million Donors Asked to Pay Clinton Debt

President-elect Barack Obama’s vast list of donors is being asked to donate to Hillary Rodham Clinton as she scrambles to reduce her massive campaign debt before she becomes secretary of state and federal ethics rules limit her fundraising, an Obama adviser said Thursday night.

I mean this is absurd to say the least.  This is the man who has been saying we are in such horrible times, that the Bush Administration has done nothing but hurt the everyday American and their pocketbooks.  We should add to the fact that it is Christmas time, plus we have been seeing job losses at unfortunate rates.

So this man has some guts to ask even 1 donor to help Sen. Clinton with the surplus he has left over.  Obama could also encourage Clinton to try and see how she can tap into her Senate Re-Election account which has $6M still in it.

Folks this is just ridiculous, and I plead with all the Obama Kool Aid drinkers out there, please KEEP YOUR MONEY and make them find another way to get rid of the debt.  You work hard for your money and shouldn’t be asked to pay of someone elses’s debt.  Can you imagine what would happen if WE EVERYDAY AMERICANS tried to throw a fundraiser to pay off our debt?  Besides having people laugh at you for even asking, those who would donate or give you help would 9 times of out 10 EXPECT SOMETHING in return.

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