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Follies by Obama Administration!! So Far….

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Obama Administration Follies

Anyone else see a pattern since Barack Hussein Obama was elected?

U.S. Government posts sensitive list of US nuclear sites…

Barack Obama continues the worldwide apology tour in Saudi Arabia and Egypt this week…

Continental Express pilot reported a “missile or rocket” flying near his airplane….

Obama gives Iran the green light to continue it nuke weapons program….

Venezuela Chavez says “Comrade” Obama more left-wing…..

“….the American decent into Marxism is happening with breath taking speed, against the back drop of a passive, hapless sheeple….” True, but who said this? RUSSIA!!!!

General(Government) Motors will continue its multimillion-dollar lobbying operation in Washington……Nice.

More Targets Found on Arkansas Shooting Suspect’s Computer…..You know the Muslim guy who shot and killed an innocent soldier, not the creep who shot the baby murderer.

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American Flag, Offensive??

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Via(CBS 11 News Mansfield, TX)



Supervisor Asks Woman To Take Down American Flag

Is it okay to show your patriotism at the office?

For one Arlington woman, the answer was “no” after she hung an American flag in her office just before the Memorial Day weekend.

Debbie McLucas is one of four hospital supervisors at Kindred Hospital in Mansfield. Last week, she hung a three-by-five foot American flag in the office she shares with the other supervisors.

When McLucas came to work Friday, her boss told her another supervisor had found her flag offensive. “I was just totally speechless. I was like, ‘You’re kidding me,'” McLucas said.

McLucas’ husband and sons are former military men. Her daughter is currently serving in Iraq as a combat medic.

Stifling a cry, McLucas said, “I just wonder if all those young men and women over there are really doing this for nothing.”

McLucas said the supervisor who complained has been in the United States for 14 years and is formerly from Africa. McLucas said that supervisor took down the flag herself.

“The flag and the pole had been placed on the floor,” McLucas said. But McLucas also said hospital higher-ups had told her some patients’ families and visitors had also complained.

“I was told it wouldn’t matter if it was only one person,” she said. “It would have to come down.”

McLucas said hospital bosses told her as far as patriotism was concerned, the flag flying outside the hospital building would have to suffice.

Rest of the story here:

Well looks like the hospital is treating to do major damage control.  The story doesn’t jive at all.

Read the Kindred Damage Control Press Release here:

You can also email them your thoughts here:

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