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Census Bureau to Count All Illegal Aliens in 2010

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Census Bureau: We’ll Work with ‘Community Organizations’ to Count All Illegal Aliens in 2010

( – The acting director of the U.S. Census Bureau, Thomas Mesenbourg, told that the bureau intends to work with community organizations to make sure every illegal alien in the United States is counted in the 2010 Census.

The Census is used to apportion the seats in the U.S. House of Representatives. There are 435 House seats that are divided among the states in proportion to their population, which is determined by the decennial census. States with more people get more seats in the U.S. House.

This means that a state harboring more illegal aliens can gain more House seats as long as the Census Bureau finds the illegal aliens and counts them. This also means that the illegal alien population resident in the United States during a census year has the potential to alter the regional and philosophical balance of power in Congress.

Mesenbourg’s comments were made after a press conference on Wednesday where Commerce Secretary Gary Locke joined several interest groups, including Univision, the National Council of La Raza, the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) and the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) to talk about efforts to ensure a full count of Latinos in the 2010 Census.

When asked whether he intended to maximize the count of illegal aliens in next year’s census, Mesenburg said: “Our job is to count everyone that resides in the U.S.–count them once. So, certainly that’s our goal to count every individual, every resident whether they’re documented, undocumented, whether they are citizens or non-citizens.”

He said local community organizations will play a key role in making sure all illegal immigrants are counted.

“The local communities are going to have a strong partnership program in each of the local communities, and we’re going to focus on the hard to count geographic areas. That typically has been areas with high numbers of undocumented workers but it’s much more diverse than that,” he said.

“So, what we’ll do is we’ll have Census Bureau folks out in those neighborhoods recruiting community organizations, faith-based organizations, and local media to get that message out that it’s safe, it’s easy, and it’s important to file your 2010 Census form,” said Mesenbourg.

Mesenbourg also said the Census Bureau intended to reach out to illegal aliens through local organizations that the aliens see as “trusted” voices to let them know it is safe to cooperate with the Census Bureau in being counted.

“It’s more than just the Census Bureau telling them that it’s safe,” said Mesenbourg. “We need somebody that they view as a trusted voice–somebody from that community, whether perhaps the local pastor or somebody in a community organization that can assure them that it’s safe.”

“One way to improve the safety is you get a census form, fill it out, return it by mail and no one will come knocking on your door after that,” he said.

The forms Mesenbourg referenced are available on the Census Bureau’s Web site. They do not require a Social Security number to be completed and counted.

Both English and bilingual versions of the census form are available for downloading in PDF form from the Census Bureau’s website.

Mesenbourg explained why he and Commerce Secretary Gary Locke attended the event with several Latino special interest groups.

“Well, getting a full and accurate count is job number one for us,” said Mesenbourg. “The secretary recognizes that and we recognize that the Census Bureau and the Department Commerce alone can’t carry out a successful census.”

“We need to partner with organizations that are viewed as trusted voices in their local community, and certainly this coalition’s going to go a far way in terms of accomplishing that goal,” he said.

The executive director of the NALEO Educational Fund, Arturo Vargas, said they want to make sure every single person who resides in the county is counted.

“You know the census is something that’s required by the United States Constitution, and the Constitution says that it should be an enumeration all persons. So, we want to make sure that every single person who resides in this country gets enumerated,” Vargas told during the press conference.

Ruben Keoseyan, publisher of the newspaper La Raza, said the organizations at the press conference have partnered with the Census Bureau to help undocumented immigrants “come out and register” for the census.

“This is not just a partnership among the people that you see here,” said Keoseyan. “This is also a partnership with the Census Bureau because we believe that we can aid in helping those people come out and register and participate in the census. It’s a much easier form. It’s going to be in Spanish.”

“It will be a bilingual form which we will replicate in our publications, but most importantly it’ll be a pencil and paper type of thing and we will be there to support this,” he said. “But if the Census Bureau and the federal government doesn’t support the efforts and the trust that we’re going to have put out there to have people believe in what we’re trying to get there.”

Below is the full transcript of the interview with the acting director of the U.S. Census Bureau Thomas L. Mesenbourg: “Do you want to maximize the counting of illegal immigrants in the 2010 Census?”

Mesenbourg: “Our job is to count everyone that resides in the U.S. Count them once. So, certainly that’s our goal to count every individual, every resident whether they’re documented, undocumented, whether they are citizens or non-citizens.” “Why do you think the commerce secretary and you as well came to this event?”

Mesenbourg: “Well, getting a full and accurate count is job number one for us. The secretary recognizes that and we recognize that the Census Bureau and the Department of Commerce alone can’t carry out a successful census. We need to partner with organizations that are viewed as trusted voices in their local community and certainly this coalition’s going to go a far way in terms of accomplishing that goal.” “They had mentioned during the actual event, local communities and their role in counting. How does that relate to the illegal immigrant counting in the census?”

Mesenbourg: “Well, the local communities are going to have a strong partnership program in each of the local communities and we’re going to focus on the hard to count geographic areas. That typically has been areas with high numbers of undocumented workers, but it’s much more diverse than that. So, what we’ll do is we’ll have Census Bureau folks out in those neighborhoods recruiting community organizations, faith-based organizations, and local media to get that message out that it’s safe, it’s easy and it’s important to file your 2010 census form.” “I imagine it must be difficult counting them if they think it’s not safe.”

Mesenbourg: “Yeah, and it’s more than just the Census Bureau telling them that it’s safe. We need somebody that they view as a trusted voice–somebody from that community, whether perhaps the local pastor or somebody in a community organization that can assure them that it’s safe. One way to improve the safety is you get a census form, fill it out, return it by mail, and no one will come knocking on your door after that.”

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Smerconish, Should Just Register Democrat!

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It was brought to my attention that I carelessly used material and missed acknowledging the source of the story.  I want to make sure this is not the way I do things and I apologize for my carelessness and will do a better job in the future.

The original article the GrassrootsPA, linked to came from FinkelBlog.  I encourage all my readers to visit his blog, very good content.


Smerconish: ‘We Need To Dilute Influence Of Conservatives In Primaries’

Yo Smerc: who’s “we”?  You voted for Barack Obama . . .

But let’s leave Michael Smerconish’s presidential preferences aside and focus on the substance of his remarks.  On this evening’s Hardball, Smerconish claimed that Republicans  need to “dilute the influence of the conservatives in the Republican presidential nominating process, because we are nominating people who can’t get elected.”

Smerconish was responding to a clip of Rush Limbaugh calling on RNC Chairman Michael Steele to do just the opposite, and do something “about our open primary system and fixing it so that Democrats do not nominate our candidates.”

If you watch the video clip, you’ll see that Pat Buchanan was dying to jump in, but Chris Matthews had to end the segment.  So let me say what I’m guessing was on Pat’s mind:

Did you pay any attention to the election, Mike? Are you aware that we nominated the most moderate candidate in the Republican field?  Ever heard of John McCain?  You know, the man who:

  • Opposed the Bush tax cuts when they were proposed.
  • Is the infamous co-author of the assault on the First Amendment known as McCain-Feingold
  • Is Ted Kennedy’s best open-border friend.
  • Opposed to drilling in ANWR.

We nominated McCain and got drilled by  Obama. If McCain isn’t liberal enough for you, Mike, who’s your dream Republican candidate: Dennis Kucinich?

God Bless,
The Truth Tracker
Jason R. Bootie

Vitter May Face a Storm in LA Senate Race!

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Stormy Daniels: Porn Star Senate Candidate Against David Vitter

Stormy Daniels is a porn star who just might challenge David Vitter for his Louisiana Senate seat in 2010. She has a lot of experience writing, directing and acting in porn films, and appearing in nude picture spreads, but as of yet, she has not held any political position. A group of devoted fans in Lousiana, however, wants to change that.

Sormy Daniels

Stormy Daniels is a website dedicated to recruiting porn star Stormy Daniels to run against Louisiana Republican Senator David Vitter in the 2010 Senate election.

The website boasts Stormy Daniels formidable personal “assets.” So far in her career, her best assets have been her All-American face and her 36DD-26-36 measurements, but she has also accomplished quite a bit with her mind. Prior to her porn career, she was an editor of her high school newspaper and president of the 4-H club. She has also succeeded in the very male dominated porn industry as a writer, director and producer.

The website claims to be a serious effort to unseat David Vitter, and not a joke or publicity stunt. After all, David Vitter has also been associated with the sex industry. In 2007, news reports connected him to both the D.C Madam Deborah Jeane Palfrey and the Canal Street Madam Jeanette Maier. Prostitute Wendy Cortez claimed in the Louisiana newpaper The Times-Picayune that Vitter was a regular customer.

In a CNN interview, Stormy Daniels claims that she is seriously considering becoming a Senate candidate. She is not yet affiliated with any political party, but we’re assuming she would run as a Democrat.

She has not stated publicly what her political positions are, but claims that she is for protecting intellectual property rights in the porn industry, empowering women in business, and keeping pornography away from children. It is not clear how she feels about Obama’s economic stimulus plan or the Iraqi withdrawal timetable.

Vitter has not publicly commented on a possible Stormy Daniels candidacy.

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The Truth Tracker
Jason R. Bootie

Remember Those Promises Barack Made While Campaigning, Well Forget Some of Them!

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Obama Says Recession Requires Scaling Back Promises

By Edwin Chen

Jan. 11 (Bloomberg) — President-elect Barack Obama said reviving the U.S. economy will require scaling back on his campaign promises and personal sacrifice from all Americans.

“I want to be realistic here, not everything that we talked about during the campaign are we going to be able to do on the pace we had hoped,” Obama said in an interview on ABC’s “This Week” program broadcast this morning. “Everybody’s going to have to give.”

Obama also said in the interview recorded yesterday that he wants stricter guidelines and greater transparency in spending the remaining $350 billion in the Troubled Asset Relief Program.

Obama takes office Jan. 20 and is pressing Congress to act quickly on a two-year economic stimulus plan of about $775 billion that includes new government spending and tax cuts. As part of his campaign to build support from lawmakers and the public, Obama has been speaking about the economy every day over the past week, warning of a deeper and more prolonged recession without government action.

Though some Democrats have resisted elements of Obama’s plan, recent economic data have helped him make his point. The Labor Department reported Jan. 9 that the U.S. lost almost 2.6 million jobs in 2008 and that the unemployment rate jumped to 7.2 percent in December, the highest level in almost 16 years. The losses were widespread, with manufacturers, builders, retailers and temporary-help agencies axing positions.


“Whether it’s retail sales, manufacturing, all of the indicators show that we are in the worst recession since the Great Depression,” Obama said on ABC. The result is that all Americans will feel the effects of efforts to put the economy back on track, he said.

“Everybody’s going to have to have some skin in the game,” he said.

Companies including Boeing Co., the world’s second-largest commercial-plane maker, CSX Corp., the third- largest U.S. railroad, and General Dynamics Corp., the second-largest shipbuilder for the U.S. Navy, announced job cuts last week.

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Remember the Voter Intimidating New Black Panthers From Philly!

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Well THE AMERICAN PUNDIT explains that The Justice Department has not for gotten one little bit.

Justice Department Sues Thugs from New Black Panther Party

You’ll recall the thugs from the New Black Panther Party engaged in intimidation tactics in Philadelphia on election day, standing outside a voting precinct in black uniforms and bearing billy clubs. Well, the Justice Department evidently hasn’t forgotten about them, either. It’s filed an injunction against said thugs.

Justice Department Seeks Injunction Against New Black Panther Party
Lawsuit Seeks to Prohibit Voter Intimidation in Future Elections

WASHINGTON – The Justice Department today filed a lawsuit under the Voting Rights Act against the New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense and three of its members alleging that the defendants intimidated voters and those aiding them during the Nov. 4, 2008, general election.

The complaint, filed in the United States District Court in Philadelphia, alleges that, during the election, Minister King Samir Shabazz and Jerry Jackson were deployed at the entrance to a Philadelphia polling location wearing the uniform of the New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, and that Samir Shabazz repeatedly brandished a police-style baton weapon.

“Intimidation outside of a polling place is contrary to the democratic process,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General Grace Chung Becker. “The Voting Rights Act of 1965 was passed to protect the fundamental right to vote and the Department takes allegations of voter intimidation seriously.”

According to the complaint, party Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz confirmed that the placement of Samir Shabazz and Jackson in Philadelphia was part of a nationwide effort to deploy New Black Panther Party members at polling locations on Election Day. The complaint alleges a violation of Section 11(b) of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which prohibits intimidation, coercion or threats against “any person for voting or attempting to vote.” The Department seeks an injunction preventing any future deployment of, or display of weapons by, New Black Panther Party members at the entrance to polling locations.

The New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, which claims active chapters nationwide, is distinct from the Black Panther Party founded by Bobby Seale in the 1960s.

The Civil Rights Division enforces the Voting Rights Act of 1965. To file complaints about discriminatory voting practices, including acts of harassment or intimidation, voters may call the Voting Section of the Civil Rights Division at 1-800-253-3931. More information about the Voting Rights Act and other federal voting laws is available on the Department of Justice’s web site at

And as American Pundit said.  GOOD.  I hope they teach these gentleman a lesson, and make an example for others in the future that have and stupid ideas.

God Bless,
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Jason R. Bootie


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Oh darn.  I know I was looking forward to having his tingling legs screwing up our state.

NBC’s Matthews Won’t Run for Senate

Via (New York Times)

Chris Matthews, the host of the MSNBC program “Hardball,” told his staff on Wednesday night that he would not run for the Senate in 2010 from Pennsylvania.

For much of the last year, Mr. Matthews had been considering entering the Senate race as a Democrat in his home state at the same time he was renegotiating his contract with NBC News. He had attended several meetings that had included Pennsylvania representatives as well as some major fund-raisers in the Democratic Party.

But Mr. Matthews, who was once a top aide to the House speaker, Tip O’Neill of Massachusetts, and ran for Congress as a Democrat in 1974, never formally declared himself a candidate, a decision which would have forced him out of his position at MSNBC.

In an interview in October, Mr. Matthews said, “People have asked me about it. I’ve never told anyone that I’m running.”

There has been speculation that Mr. Matthews, 63, was flirting with a Senate run as a way to give him some leverage in his contract talks. According to at least one earlier report, NBC was planning to ask Mr. Matthews to return but wanted him to take a drastic pay cut — from $5 million a year to an amount closer to $1 million.

Since that report, “Hardball” has bounced back in the ratings, especially during the presidential election season, and NBC News executives have expressed much more interest in retaining Mr. Matthews

Mr. Matthews declined to comment last night, as did executives from NBC News. But one executive said that discussions with Mr. Matthews for a new contract to remain on “Hardball” were continuing.

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Sen. Reid Will Be More Concerned with His Re-election Then Doing His Job!!

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What else is new?  Folks this is honestly not surprising considering how these politicians work.  But what I don’t get is why Nevada residents keep voting the man back in??

Via (

Sen. Reid Hits the Ground Running in Uphill Re-Election Bid

WASHINGTON — Sen. Harry Reid will command the biggest party majority of any Senate leader in a quarter century when the new Congress convenes in January. But the Nevada Democrat is already worried about his own re-election fight in 2010.

Sen. Reid, perhaps the most-vulnerable Democrat who will face re-election in a midterm race that is likely to favor his party once again, began interviewing campaign managers last week. The Senate majority leader also recently stepped up fund-raising.

Starting early could help Sen. Reid avoid the fate of his predecessor, Tom Daschle, who was Democratic leader for a decade before losing his re-election bid in South Dakota in 2004. The current Republican leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, narrowly won re-election in Kentucky this year.

Sen. Reid “saw what happened to Tom Daschle and Mitch McConnell,” said Republican Sen. John Ensign, Nevada’s the other senator. “He saw the consequences of being the majority leader or the leader of one of the parties.”

Jon Summers, a Reid spokesman, said Sen. Reid knows he will be a Republican target in 2010 and has been preparing for his re-election campaign for some time. He added that Sen. Reid’s leadership position in the Senate is an asset, not a liability. “Being the majority leader means he can do things no one else can.”

Democrats have picked up a combined 13 seats in the past two election cycles. In 2010, more Republicans than Democrats are up for re-election, and Democratic incumbents appear to be well-positioned overall.

Sen. Reid, however, faces a potentially tough fight. A recent Research 2000 poll of likely voters put his approval rating at 38% and his disapproval rating at 54%, a possible reflection of voters’ displeasure with gridlock and partisanship in Washington. And while Nevada broke for President-elect Barack Obama by 12 percentage points in November, the state voted for President George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004.

As Senate majority leader, Sen. Reid is expected to play a critical role in shepherding Democratic priorities through the Senate, with a full docket of legislation up for consideration in the first year of the Obama administration.

Sen. Reid traveled to the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico late last month to meet with campaign contributors. A spokesman for Sen. Reid said he expects to have $3 million in his campaign account at the end of the year, up from about $2.75 million on Oct. 1. Sen. Reid spent $7 million in his 2004 race.

Two Democratic Senate colleagues, South Dakota’s Tim Johnson and Oregon’s Jeff Merkley, have sent emails to their supporters seeking contributions to Sen. Reid’s campaign.

“Republicans are going after Harry Reid’s Senate seat in 2010, and we can’t afford to lose a great Democratic leader,” Senator-elect Merkley wrote in his email.

Who might square off against Sen. Reid is unclear. Nevada’s Republican lieutenant governor, Brian Krolicki, declared his candidacy last month but was subsequently indicted for suspect accounting practices during his time as state treasurer. He has denied the charges.

Another potential GOP candidate is former Rep. Jon Porter, who lost his House seat representing an area outside of Las Vegas in November after serving three terms. The Research 2000 survey showed Sen. Reid beating Mr. Porter 46% to 40% in a potential 2010 race, an uncomfortably narrow margin for an incumbent.

Democrats say Nevada is a former swing state that has swung to their camp. The party now has a 100,000-person registration advantage there.

In 2004, the last time Sen. Reid was up for re-election, the number of registered Republicans and Democrats was about the same.

God Bless,
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Obama has $30 Million Surplus but Still Asks Donors for Help??

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Okay I must be missing something here.  I mean Obama has a $30 Million surplus from his campaign donations and is trying to decide what to do with the money.

Obama Campaign Mulls what to do with $30M Surplus

Obama’s organization retains some $30 million after his successful presidential bid, but it’s unclear how the Democratic president-in-waiting might use the money.  Members of his party are doing their best to appeal for the funds without appearing greedy, ungrateful or hostile to their new leader.

Article continues here:

But yet Obama is asking his 3 Million Donors to help pay Senator Clinton’s debt?  Her debt is listed at $7.5M, which is only a 1/4 of Obama’s surplus.  So instead of helping his soon to be Secretary of State pay off her debt (which will restrict her fundraising abilities when appointed) he decides to try and put the burden of the debt on his donors shoulders.

Obama’s 3 Million Donors Asked to Pay Clinton Debt

President-elect Barack Obama’s vast list of donors is being asked to donate to Hillary Rodham Clinton as she scrambles to reduce her massive campaign debt before she becomes secretary of state and federal ethics rules limit her fundraising, an Obama adviser said Thursday night.

I mean this is absurd to say the least.  This is the man who has been saying we are in such horrible times, that the Bush Administration has done nothing but hurt the everyday American and their pocketbooks.  We should add to the fact that it is Christmas time, plus we have been seeing job losses at unfortunate rates.

So this man has some guts to ask even 1 donor to help Sen. Clinton with the surplus he has left over.  Obama could also encourage Clinton to try and see how she can tap into her Senate Re-Election account which has $6M still in it.

Folks this is just ridiculous, and I plead with all the Obama Kool Aid drinkers out there, please KEEP YOUR MONEY and make them find another way to get rid of the debt.  You work hard for your money and shouldn’t be asked to pay of someone elses’s debt.  Can you imagine what would happen if WE EVERYDAY AMERICANS tried to throw a fundraiser to pay off our debt?  Besides having people laugh at you for even asking, those who would donate or give you help would 9 times of out 10 EXPECT SOMETHING in return.

God Bless,
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Electoral College Scam??

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Electoral College scam: Where dead people vote

A lawyer playing a major part in a California lawsuit urging officials to prevent the state’s 55 Electoral College votes from being recorded for Barack Obama until questions about his citizenship are resolved has written to county clerks around the state, seeking an investigation into a process that has allowed a dead woman to be listed as an official elector.

“In the 28th Congressional District (Congressman Howard Berman), situated in Los Angeles County, Ilene Huber is listed as the presidential elector designated in that district. However, as shown in the attached certified statement of Dean C. Logan, registrar-recorder/county clerk of the county of Los Angeles, state of California, there is no Ilene Huber listed as a registered voter in the County of Los Angeles. A statewide search of public records has revealed only one Ilene Huber in the state of California, and she is deceased-a copy of her certificate of death is attached hereto as well,” the advisory said.

God Bless,
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