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Woman Has An Abortion Then Sues Clinic!

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Well if this isn’t ain’t a disgusting way to try and get rich!!  This young lady waits 2 yrs to file suit. Here is the Complaint (PDF)


Woman files wrongful-death suit over bungled abortion at Hialeah clinic

By Juan Ortega and Tonya Alanez South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Belkis Gonzalez is serving probation for unlawfully running a Miramar abortion clinic, and now faces new criminal charges and a lawsuit over a botched abortion at her Hialeah Clinic.

But the lawyer for a Broward County woman suing Gonzalez over the abortion says her latest criminal charges don’t go far enough.

Tom Pennekamp, Sycloria Williams’ Miami lawyer, thinks the case “is clearly a homicide.”

Williams sought an abortion in 2006 from Gonzalez’s clinic, but she says her 23-week-old infant was instead born alive and thrown out in a plastic bag. The wrongful-death civil lawsuit, filed in January, accuses Gonzalez, 43, of Miramar, of attending to the surprise live birth before a doctor could arrive.

Continue the story here:

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