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Woman Has An Abortion Then Sues Clinic!

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Well if this isn’t ain’t a disgusting way to try and get rich!!  This young lady waits 2 yrs to file suit. Here is the Complaint (PDF)


Woman files wrongful-death suit over bungled abortion at Hialeah clinic

By Juan Ortega and Tonya Alanez South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Belkis Gonzalez is serving probation for unlawfully running a Miramar abortion clinic, and now faces new criminal charges and a lawsuit over a botched abortion at her Hialeah Clinic.

But the lawyer for a Broward County woman suing Gonzalez over the abortion says her latest criminal charges don’t go far enough.

Tom Pennekamp, Sycloria Williams’ Miami lawyer, thinks the case “is clearly a homicide.”

Williams sought an abortion in 2006 from Gonzalez’s clinic, but she says her 23-week-old infant was instead born alive and thrown out in a plastic bag. The wrongful-death civil lawsuit, filed in January, accuses Gonzalez, 43, of Miramar, of attending to the surprise live birth before a doctor could arrive.

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Obama Kool-Aide Drinker’s

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Great post via(BrokenCountry)

Obama’s Kool-Aide drinkers help to tank U.S. economy


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March 10, 2009 at 1:45 AM

U.S. Citizen Beheaded In Mexico!

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U.S. Citizen Beheaded In Apparent Mexico Drug Hit

A U.S. citizen was one of the three men who were found decapitated this week in Tijuana, Mexican authorities said Friday.

The body of George Harrison, a 38-year-old former Chula Vista resident, had been dismembered and mutilated and was dumped in a vacant lot near Tijuana’s beachside bullring.

Authorities said they suspected that it was an organized crime hit.

Harrison had several drug-related convictions in the United States and was suspected of drug trafficking in Mexico, Baja California Assistant Atty. General Rafael Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez said Harrison had been living in the Tijuana area since his release from a U.S. prison six months ago. He owned a pizzeria in Tijuana, from which he was abducted, Gonzalez said.

Authorities who searched Harrison’s business found four weapons, including a .38-caliber handgun.

Alongside the bodies, authorities discovered a taunting narco-message similar to others left at crime scenes in the battles among rival organized crime groups.


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