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Vitter May Face a Storm in LA Senate Race!

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Stormy Daniels: Porn Star Senate Candidate Against David Vitter

Stormy Daniels is a porn star who just might challenge David Vitter for his Louisiana Senate seat in 2010. She has a lot of experience writing, directing and acting in porn films, and appearing in nude picture spreads, but as of yet, she has not held any political position. A group of devoted fans in Lousiana, however, wants to change that.

Sormy Daniels

Stormy Daniels is a website dedicated to recruiting porn star Stormy Daniels to run against Louisiana Republican Senator David Vitter in the 2010 Senate election.

The website boasts Stormy Daniels formidable personal “assets.” So far in her career, her best assets have been her All-American face and her 36DD-26-36 measurements, but she has also accomplished quite a bit with her mind. Prior to her porn career, she was an editor of her high school newspaper and president of the 4-H club. She has also succeeded in the very male dominated porn industry as a writer, director and producer.

The website claims to be a serious effort to unseat David Vitter, and not a joke or publicity stunt. After all, David Vitter has also been associated with the sex industry. In 2007, news reports connected him to both the D.C Madam Deborah Jeane Palfrey and the Canal Street Madam Jeanette Maier. Prostitute Wendy Cortez claimed in the Louisiana newpaper The Times-Picayune that Vitter was a regular customer.

In a CNN interview, Stormy Daniels claims that she is seriously considering becoming a Senate candidate. She is not yet affiliated with any political party, but we’re assuming she would run as a Democrat.

She has not stated publicly what her political positions are, but claims that she is for protecting intellectual property rights in the porn industry, empowering women in business, and keeping pornography away from children. It is not clear how she feels about Obama’s economic stimulus plan or the Iraqi withdrawal timetable.

Vitter has not publicly commented on a possible Stormy Daniels candidacy.

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Jason R. Bootie

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