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States Moving to Declare Sovereignty!

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Are we moving to a new civil war?

By the Editor in Chief

Is the United States heading for another civil war?

Fears over possible fallout from the economic stimulus package, concerns over the Obama Administration’s effort to ban guns and unlimited access to abortion, and even a declaration of independence, are issues prompting nine states to consider bills to declare their sovereign authority.

CentrePoint News reported Tuesday that the state of New Hampshire’s legislature was considering a sovereignty bill.  In the past two days we’ve learned that the states of Washington, Arizona, Montana, Michigan, Missouri, Oklahoma and Hawaii are also debating similar measures.

The Washington State legislation (HJM 4009-2009-10) and Arizona’s resolution are similar, claiming sovereignty based on the Tenth Amendment to the U. S. Constitution.

Michigan and Oklahoma are considering similar resolutions.

Missouri’s legislature has two bills under consideration.  House Concurrent Resolution 13 supports the sovereignty of the states.  There’s also House Resolution 212 which ‘declares Missouri’s sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment’ and ‘urges the U. S. Congress to reject passage of the Federal Freedom of Choice Act which prohibits regulations on abortion.’

Montana’s proposed law declares their sovereignty, but the reason is Montana’s lawmaker’s interest in maintaining their citizen’s Second Amendment rights.  Montana’s legislators want to reject the federal government’s authority to regulate, ban or control guns.

Hawaii is taking the biggest step by holding a Constitutional Convention to declare Hawaii independent of the United States government.

The proposed bills and resolutions have all been introduced in the new legislative sessions.  Four of the states debating the measures, Hawaii, Washington, Michigan and New Hampshire, are states Obama carried in November.

Colorado passed a similar bill in 1994 and again in 1997, but the federal government refused to recognise the law.

There has been no official reaction from any representative of Congress or the White House.

For New Hampshire…

For Washington State…

For Arizona…

For Montana’s bill…

For Missouri…

For Michigan…

For Oklahoma…                                   key-wants-to-limit-federal-power/

For Hawaii…

Colorado’s 1994 bill…

God Bless,
The Truth Tracker
Jason R. Bootie

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