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Is This Obama Style Patriotism?

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Inauguration Leftovers.

Inauguration Leftovers.

Is This Obama Style Patriotism?

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Written by truthtracker

January 23, 2009 at 1:19 AM

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  1. These are the things I cover on my Radio Show, Blogger, and GDoc today.

    The Cs teach HATE
    Rush – I want him to fail
    I have NO idea what he is going to do

    The Cs keep pushing the
    Liberal Media BS
    the solutions is simple
    FoxNew could tell us the TRUTH.

    Daily econ briefing
    I guess the REAL difference between you and me is –

    Don’t lay off workers
    Customer Service

    Huckabee News today

    I urge you today to make a contribution of $5, $10 or even $36 in support of life to Huck PAC. We will invest your financial support wisely, supporting only pro-life candidates for Congress.


    An executive order from White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel will delay two Department of Labor (DoL) fee disclosure regulations and possibly slow down a recently published advice regulation.

    The January 20 executive order signed by Emanuel ordered a temporary moratorium on new federal rules. A report in The Washington Post said agencies were ordered to pull back all proposed or final regulations that have not been published in the Federal Register so they can be “reviewed and approved by a department or agency head.”


    Boehner on Economic Recovery: “Somebody Has to Look Out for the Taxpayers & Believe Me, Republicans are Going to Do That”
    WHEN does that start?


    1 of 1Full Size

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Food and Drug Administration has cleared the way for the world’s first study of human embryonic stem cell therapy, Geron Corp said on Friday.

    The California biotechnology company plans to start a clinical trial to try to use the stem cells to regrow nerve tissue in patients with acute spinal cord injury.

    “This marks the beginning of what is potentially a new chapter in medical therapeutics — one that reaches beyond pills to a new level of healing: the restoration of organ and tissue function achieved by the injection of healthy replacement cells,” Geron Chief Executive Thomas Okarma said in a statement.


    January 23, 2009 at 1:44 PM

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