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Mayors Stick Hands Out for Pet Projects and Billions of Taxpayers Hard Earned Money!

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These people must be out of their minds.  But the MSM won’t report on it, so this will end up happening because the Republicans are reluctant to say “NO”.

Mayors Seek Billions of Dollars, but Not All of It is Aimed at Infrastructure

Here are just a few of the projects:

  • Providence, R.I., Mayor David Cicilline has requested $584 million for 82 projects that include development of the polar bear exhibit at Roger Williams Park Zoo and improvements to a soccer field.
  • Miami Mayor Manny Diaz wants $3.2 billion for 435 projects that he says will create more than 52,000 jobs. Among those projects: construction of a water slide, creation of new BMX and dirt bike trails at Virginia Key Park, and a new Miami Rowing Club Building and Virginia Key Beach Museum.

Diaz told FOX News that a water slide and other projects do not fit the definition of pork.

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