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Green Zone No Longer In U.S. Control!

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Iraq takes control of Green Zone

Iraq has taken control of security in Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone after a UN mandate for troops expired.

The end of the UN mandate – put into place soon after the invasion in March 2003 – means Iraq will now take greater control of its own security.

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki welcomed the move as Iraq’s “day of sovereignty” at the handover ceremony.

US and British forces will remain in Iraq – but with Iraqi permission, under two separate bilateral deals.

Powerful symbol

“I’d like to congratulate you and the Iraqi people on this day for which we have waited for more than 17 years,” Mr Maliki said at the handover ceremony at the Presidential Palace, the former home of ousted leader Saddam Hussein.

“We have the right to consider this day as the day of sovereignty and it is the beginning that Iraq will regain every particle of its soil as well as all of its will and sovereignty.”

Iraqi forces will take over responsibility for the security of the zone, the fortified area which houses the Iraqi government, coalition headquarters and most embassies.

The fortified zone is a powerful symbol of the US-led occupation of Iraq.

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