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First of a Kind Traffic Jam!!

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I’ve scene some odd reasons for causing traffic jams, but this tops them all.  I wonder if some woman will come home and call the cops claiming her closet was raided and all her SHOES are gone.  LOL

Thousands of Shoes Dumped on Miami Expressway

MIAMI —  Thousands of shoes were dumped on a Miami expressway causing significant traffic delays.

The Florida Highway Patrol received the report during rush hour Friday morning, Lt. Pat Santangelo said. A private contractor brought a front-end loader and a dump truck to the half-mile stretch of highway. Workers were able to clear at least one lane after a short time by sweeping all the shoes to shoulder, but delays were expected to last until all the shoes could be removed.

Click here for photos.

Santangelo said the shoes appear to be used, and most were tied together in pairs. He says he’s looking for a charity to take the shoes, rather than sending them to the dump.

Santangelo says he’s not sure where the shoes came from. There were no signs of a crash, and no one stopped to claim them.

Thousands of shoes dumped on Miami expressway

Thousands of shoes dumped on Miami expressway

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  1. I wonder if there’s any connection between this story and the Iraq shoe-thrower

    Are U Serious

    January 2, 2009 at 10:37 PM

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