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Operation Cast Lead to Enter Ground Stage?

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So I say go for it Israel stand your ground and defend your land.  You have stayed quiet and have taken enough from Hamas and from most of the world overall.

God Said:

“I will bless those who bless you and I will
curse those who curse you.” Genesis 12:3

IDF recommends major, but brief Gaza ground offensive

The Israel Defense Forces recommended a major, but relatively short-term, ground offensive in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday, as military preparations continued on the border. The army was given the green light to forge ahead with Operation Cast Lead, which entered its sixth day Thursday.

Detailed briefings have been underway for the past two days at Southern Command, with officers receiving their orders. The General Staff believes that more pressure must be put on Hamas to make it agree to a long-term cease-fire under conditions more favorable to Israel.

Cabinet ministers on Wednesday approved the mobilization of 2,500 army
reservists, expanding on an earlier call-up of 6,500 soldiers for the force on the Gaza border.

The IDF said rocket fire on the south was expected to continue during a ground operation. The army recommends that a diplomatic exit plan be prepared while a cease-fire agreement is formulated.

While defense officials tend to favor a clear agreement with Hamas, even if it is not enshrined in a written document, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni is considering another idea.

She reportedly believes that it might be better to aim for a situation in which there is no clearly set-out agreement, but Israel would make clear beforehand that it would respond forcefully to any firing from Gaza after hostilities ended.

Olmert, for his part, has conditioned any future truce between Israel and Hamas on the establishment of an international mechanism to monitor the cease-fire.

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