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Son Shoots parents over Video game, resulting in his mother’s death!

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This is a tragic story.  I am sorry to say but this kid needs to have plenty of jail time.  I understand the sister says the family has forgiven him and they want him home, but if we start going easy on one, then they will all expect it easy.

Daniel Petric killed mother, shot father because they took Halo 3 video game, prosecutors say

ELYRIA — Daniel Petric shot his parents — killing his mother — because they wouldn’t allow him to play the violent video game Halo 3, prosecutors told a judge at the boy’s murder trial Monday.

The trial, on charges of murder and attempted murder, opened Monday for Petric, 17, of Brighton Township. He is being tried without a jury before Lorain County Common Pleas Judge James Burge. (Update: The defense presents its case.)

Daniel Petric

Daniel Petric

Prosecutors are not seeking the death penalty because of Petric’s age. In their opening statements, prosecutors outlined this version of events surrounding the shooting:

In September 2007, Daniel, then 16, had sneaked out of his bedroom window to purchase the game at a store against his father’s orders. When he returned home, his parents caught him with the game and took it from him. His father, Mark, a minister at New Life Assembly of God in Wellington, put the game in a lock box in a closet where he also kept a 9mm handgun, according to prosecutors.

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  1. Don’t feel sorry for him, this is not a kid. He is old enought to drive. He is old enough to have a job. This for all practical purposes is an adult and he acted like an idiot! Killing his parents for taking away a video game-who does that? He needs to be locked up and have the key thrown away. This isn’t a 7 year old who came across his father’s gun and accidentally killed his parents. He knew what he was doing and forgiveness or not, he needs to be put away!

    Dena Leichnitz

    December 22, 2008 at 3:03 AM

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