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Fight FOCA Is Gaining Ground

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a-project-of-two-linesThe Fight FOCA website has been doing an excellent job on informing the public about the dangerous law that is FOCA (Freedom of Choice Act). In fact, the above petition has at the present time has 327,533 signatures on it. They even warn you on the site that sometimes the servers get overwhelmed because as many as two people per second are signing the petition. So as you can see the people are really moved to sign this petition and keep FOCA from becoming law. Whether or not you are an abortion lover or not, this act is not about freedom. It would, in fact, endanger freedom. Many pro-life laws would be repealed. These laws are ones the public has voted on and said that they wanted.

Parental consent laws-gone

Informed consent laws that tell women about the dangers of abortion, the truth about her child such as its gestation period and what that means if the child can feel pain at the stage it is in or not-gone

The right to see her child on an ultrasound-gone. Most abortionists hide the ultrasound from the woman because if she sees it she changes her mind and they are out 300 bucks.

Conscientious Objector Law for Physicians and Pharmacists-this law protects doctors and pharmacists from having to do an abortion or prescribe an abortion pill should they feel it would go against their religious beliefs-gone

All these protections would be gone should FOCA gets enacted. Therefore FOCA is about taking away the freedom of others not to support abortion and to have laws regulating it. Abortion is already one of the most unregulated industries there are. The pro-choice say because it is about a woman’s health-it shouldn’t be regulated but that is exactly why it should be! Women have more heart attacks then men but we regulate those who can perform heart surgery. Could you imagine the outcry if we let any whackjob with a scalpel go operate on women for heart surgery, breast cancer or caesarean sections? There would be a tremendous outcry for there to be more standards of care for women undergoing those procedures. But yet we want no protections undergoing abortions? Do you really think those who are profiting from it are going to be honest about their care?

The laws are there to protect women, the abortion industry just wants to protect abortionists! So let’s save babies and their mothers and make sure FOCA gets axed before it can reach the President’s desk. Keep your Focus on FOCA and don’t let the pro-choicers pull the wool over your eyes!


Written by blacknright

December 13, 2008 at 12:33 PM

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