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Something to Consider…

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VIA (The American Pundit)

Something to Consider…

2008 Financial Bailout to Date: $8.5 trillion+

  • What We’ve Gotten: Failed companies being propped up; More companies lining up at the trough.

Cost of War in Iraq from 2003 to 2008: $600 billion+

  • What We’ve Gotten: Dictator deposed; 29 million men, women, and children freed; Another democracy in the Middle East; Another Ally in the Middle East; Security threat eliminated.

Cost of Marshall Plan (Adjusted for Inflation): $115.3 billion

Cost of Louisiana Purchase (Adjusted for Inflation): $217 billion

  • What We Got: About a third of the nation we know today.

Cost of Going to the Moon (Adjusted for Inflation): $237 billion

  • What We Got: Well, We Went to the Moon

Cost of the Korean War (Adjusted): $454 billion

  • What We Got: North Korean invasion repelled; Ally

Cost of the New Deal (Adjusted): $500 billion

  • What We Got: Should be Obvious by Now

Cost of NASA To Date (Adjusted): $851.2 billion

  • What We Got: Scientific Advancements; Too Much to List

I wasn’t aware of all this information, so I can only imagine how little most other Americans are truely aware of the Gov. spending.

God Bless,
The Truth Tracker
Jason R. Bootie

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