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My Introduction.

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Hey everyone, my name is Dena Leichnitz and I will be contributing to this site from time to time. I am on his blogroll-Blacknright-so you can read a lot more of my stuff there. But by way of introduction, I am a 38 year old Black single mother of a five year old boy. I live in Los Angeles and am the Regional Coordinator for Silent No More Awareness Campaign. I am a devout Mormon, though I wasn’t born in the Church, and I am a die hard conservative.

Anyway, I wanted to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving and I will be back online on December 1st. In the meantime, have a joyous holiday and spend some time counting your blessings. We are at a crossroads right now. We can turn back time and become the tyrannical country we once fled from in search of religious liberty or we can reclaim our great land, stand proud and strike liberalism a crushing blow. It is up to us. Let’s choose wisely. God bless all the good conservative men and women out there who are fighting to keep our liberties from becoming a thing of the past. I love each and every one of you. All of you are my brothers and sisters in Christ. Good-bye for now.


Written by blacknright

November 28, 2008 at 12:17 AM

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