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Dallas School assigns fake Social Security Numbers to Foreign Citizens

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Where is the outrage over these hideous acts?  How often does this happen at other locations?  Illegal Aliens will take advantage of our country for as long as they are allowed to.  And they don’t feel sorry for any of the suffering or issues caused by their BREAKING of OUR LAWS!  Folks as I have talked about a few posts ago, (Immigration Groups Don’t Waste Any Time Pushing Agendas on Obama!) Immigration is going to be towards the top of “The Messiah’s” “To Do List”.

So we need to get ready and start making our voices heard again, just like the last try for Amnesty.

Dallas ISD faulted for using fake Social Security numbers

By TAWNELL D. HOBBS / The Dallas Morning News

Years after being advised by a state agency to stop, the Dallas Independent School District continued to provide foreign citizens with fake Social Security numbers to get them on the payroll quickly.

Some of the numbers were real Social Security numbers already assigned to people elsewhere. And in some cases, the state’s educator certification office unknowingly used the bogus numbers to run criminal background checks on the new hires, most of whom were brought in to teach bilingual classes.

The practice was described in an internal report issued in September by the district’s investigative office, which looked into the matter after receiving a tip. The report said the Texas Education Agency learned of the fake numbers in 2004 and told DISD then that the practice “was illegal.”

It’s unclear how long DISD had been issuing the phony numbers, and district officials didn’t know Thursday how many had been given out. But the investigative report and interviews with DISD employees indicate the practice went on for several years before it was discontinued this past summer.

DISD human resources chief Kim Olson, who came to the district in 2007, said that she learned about the false numbers this past summer around the time the district’s investigative unit was looking into them and that she put a stop to the practice.

“There’s no way we should be doing that kind of stuff,” Ms. Olson said. “Even if your intention is good to help employees get paid, you can’t use inappropriate procedures to do that.”

And the rest of the story:

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November 15, 2008 at 1:23 AM

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