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Lawsuit is filed due to Fear for Obama’s Safety!

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I’m sorry but if these folks have no faith in the Secret Service to do their job, than why not go apply to become a Secret Service agent themselves. 

For someone to take up our already busy court systems with such a ridiculous case, is so irresponsible that she should be sued for wasting the courts time.  If she feels that worried about “The Messiah’s” safety then she is free to spend her own money for extra security for Mr. Obama.

Well here is the rest of the story over @: The American Pundit

Kansas City’s Attorney, An Obama Supporter, Files Suit to Stop Negative Ads Against Obama

A Kansas City lawyer and supporter of Barack Obama for president has filed suit in federal court, alleging that the Republican ticket has incited violence against the Democratic nominee.

In her suit against Sen. John McCain, Gov. Sarah Palin and campaign manager Rick Davis, Mary Kay Green said she has been injured by their campaign tactics and suffers “terror of the heart, anxiety and grave fear” for Obama’s life.

Green, an occasional contributor of letters to the editor for The Kansas City Star on legal and political issues, said the GOP campaign has used false hate speech to work their supporters into a frenzy, leading to death threats against Obama.

In an interview, Green said she worked as a young woman in the presidential campaigns of both John and Robert Kennedy in Nebraska. Though she has asked for $6 million in damages, Green said the money is not important. The suit is a moral plea to the Republicans to temper their language, she said.

“I will not tolerate another assassination,” Green said. “I have an obligation as an attorney to speak out and use my voice to say to John McCain and Sarah Palin that you must stop this behavior. You are participating in these death threats and have lost all protection from the First Amendment.”

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October 16, 2008 at 4:07 PM

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