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Son comes to his mothers rescue during robbery!!

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Wow this is one special young man, and his mother should be so proud for bringing him up in such a wonderful manner.

Wilton Manors first-grader saves mother during robbery

His mother beaten, then both are bound and robbed

Brave boy

Tavian Fehrenbach, 6, helped save himself and his mother during a robbery at their Wilton Manors home last weekend. Police have arrested two suspects. (Photo by Michael Francis McElroy)

WILTON MANORS – Six-year-old boys don’t typically dream about home-invasion robberies.

So that’s why Tavian Fehrenbach said he tried to wake up on Saturday night as a pair of robbers tied him up, and later beat his bound mother with a gun.

One of the robbery suspects: his baby-sitter.

“I thought I was having visions,” said the first-grade student at Wilton Manors Elementary. “I know that these things happen in real life.”

Wilton Manors police say it was far from a bad dream, and on Sunday arrested two people in connection to the robbery that played out about 11:30 p.m. Saturday inside the apartment the mother and son share in the 600 block of Northeast 27th Street.

Fernando Gaston Jr., 23, and Janette Martinez, 22, were arrested at their residence in the 2900 block of Southeast 13th Road in Homestead, police said. Police say they found the mother’s belongings and a gun used in the robbery inside their house. The couple confessed, said Detective David Jones.

Even police described the violent robbery as a head-scratcher, considering Martinez had been the boy’s baby-sitter for several weeks.

“The money. For some reason, they thought they would find some money in the home,” said Jones.

The mother, Brittni Baines, 21, and her son spent most of the day packing their belongings for a move to Texas. Friends, neighbors and reporters stopped by all day to ask about the incident with the baby-sitter.

“She must be slow,” the talkative son remarked as his mother described the heist. “Did she think we weren’t going to recognize her?”

The mother said Martinez, who she had met three months ago through other friends, called at about 10 p.m. Saturday claiming she had a fight with her boyfriend and needed a place to stay.

Moments after she arrived, Martinez announced she was going for a smoke, said the mother.

“Before I turned around, I had a gun on my head,” Baines said.

The robbers used clear masking tape to gag and tie up the mother, binding her wrists to the back of her neck. Police said the mother was beaten several times on the side of the head with the gun and thrown on the bed. It took 19 stitches to close her head wound. The gunman then roused the boy from his sleep, tied him up and tossed him next to his bloodied mother.

The robbers ransacked the home while demanding money, said Baines. After finding none, the robbers stormed off taking only “stupid things” like a pair of sunglasses, jewelry and credit cards, said Baines.

Mumbling from behind her taped mouth, Baines coached her son to escape. The boy said he managed first to break open the tape using his little fingers, and then worked his way free. He ran next door and called 911.

The mother credited her son for saving her life.

“I could’ve bled to death as he watched me,” said the mother.

“No,” the son said assuredly. “I knew I could escape.”

Ihosvani Rodriguez can be reached at or 954-385-7908

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Written by truthtracker

October 1, 2008 at 12:39 PM

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