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Resistance grows towards Homosexual Marriage.

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Jonathan Falwell: ‘Sleeping giant’ beginning to rise

Jim Brown – OneNewsNow

The son of the late evangelical leader Jerry Falwell says there is a “sleeping giant” beginning to arise in the U.S.

Despite efforts to legalize and legitimize homosexual “marriage” in states like California and New York, and the lingering presence of abortion, Pastor Jonathan Falwell believes there is a resurgence of people in the United States who are “committed to values and morals” and “committed to uniting and not dividing.”

Falwell, the executive vice president of spiritual affairs at Liberty University, described this perceived moral awakening while speaking at the Values Voter Summit in Washington over the weekend.

“People are once again realizing that it is important that life is protected…that we must do everything we can to protect life both born and unborn,” he described. “And we are seeing I believe a growing understanding that it is not above our pay grade to figure out that life is important to God.”

Falwell says there is not only a turning of the tide in America when it comes to abortion, but people are “once again recognizing the importance of marriage.”

View Jonathan Falwell’s address at Values Voter Summit

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October 1, 2008 at 12:15 PM

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