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How we arrived at our current Economic situation!

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Folks if you are interested in how we truly got into our current economic situation, and if you would like to find out who helped get us in this position, then I suggest you take a look at this video.  It is a quick moving video but you will see the facts and get a better understanding.

Team DeMint: What Caused Our Economic Crisis?
By Rizzuto

Sat Sep 27, 2008 – This video was brought to my attention by a reader. If you don’t know who senator Jim DeMint, he’s probably one of the last great hopes for true economic conservatism in the US Senate, the standard bearer of government restraint. He’s got leadership written all over him, and should will definitely be a player in the future of the Republican party.

He put out this video recently which accurately traces and explains the financial crisis, and how we got into the situation we’re in right now. A perfect video to leave up for the weekend. Enjoy!

Hat Tip Rizzuto @ (Conservative Punk)

God Bless,
The Truth Tracker
Jason R. Bootie

Written by truthtracker

September 28, 2008 at 12:19 PM

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