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E-Verify system is set to expire.

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Thank God for The Heritage Foundation and the alerts they disseminate!

I received an e-mail today which contained links and information on several topics, but the one that grabbed my attention was the link to this message from James Jay Carafano, Ph.D. “Time Is Ticking: Congress Must Re-Authorize E-Verify Now.” It is no surprise that I had no idea that E-Verify is set to expire, considering how dead set our congress seems to be on ignoring the will of its constituents!

Unless Congress steps in, on November 30, E-Verify is set to expire. E-Verify is a system that allows employers to verify electronically whether their newly hired employees are legally authorized to work in the United States. E-Verify should be re-authorized.

A Valuable Voluntary Program

Through E-Verify, participating employers can check the work eligibility status of new personnel they are hiring through an online service that compares information from an employee’s I-9 form against Social Security Administration (SSA) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) databases. This service is provided free to employers (though the individual companies must bear the cost of providing the infrastructure and people to enter the data). So far this year, E-Verify has processed over 4 million eligibility checks. The system has proven to be quite effective, and SSA and DHS continue to work to improve service, reliability, and privacy protections.

Could our members of the “do-nothing” congress (which would be a good thing if they would also refrain from doing the things that harm our nation… perhaps “do-nothing good” congress is more appropriate) be hoping November 30 will come and go quietly? Could many off them be hoping the attention to the presidential election will distract an already apathetic electorate? I would suggest that some of the open borders, flood the labor pool, amnesty for illegals liberals and RINO’s are indeed hoping this deadline passes unnoticed by the masses. Of course some of the career politicians may be too wrapped up in campaigns of their own or of fellow partisans to be bothered by the work of the people. Obviously no one expects my senators from Illinois, Barack “Born Alive, Let Them Die” Obama and the equally worthless Dick Durbin to to their jobs, but some of the rest of you might be able to get through to yours.

Remember that the next job that goes to an illegal alien might be the one you previously held. I urge you to call your senators and representatives! Make your voice heard (and hopefully your senators aren’t as ridiculously anti-America as mine.) Visit the following links to find the contact information for your members of our illustriously incompetent congress:

While you’re at it you might want to let them know that you aren’t fooled by Nancy Pelosi’s “compromise” energy bill that only allows off-shore drilling where the bulk of the oil ISN”T!

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email brianbonner90- at-gmail- dot-com and let us know at what level you would like to participate.

Hat Tip (Sam Pierce) @  Conservative Common Man

God Bless,
The Truth Tracker
Jason R. Bootie

Written by truthtracker

September 28, 2008 at 12:36 PM

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