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The ACLU uses yet another THREAT!!

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The ACLU strikes again, with their scare tactics.  What a pathetic group who claims to be for the Constitution.  I mean they could care less about preserving the innocence in our children today.  They would rather threaten a Library with a lawsuit, and make sure that Gays are not offended.

This story should not surprise anyone, because we have all seen how low the ACLU will go to get their way.  They have also used this case, as another way to get their voices heard.

From :

ACLU threat returns ‘sex’ books to library shelves

A father in Nampa, Idaho, is back to square one after the local library caved to threats from the ACLU.

It took Randy Jackson two years to get the books “The Joy of Sex” and “The Joy of Gay Sex” removed from the Nampa library. The books came to his attention after the teenage son of a friend found one of the books lying on a table within reach of any child.

Since then the American Civil Liberties Union of Idaho has sent a threatening letter to the library demanding that the books be put back. The library caved to the demand, according to The Associated Press, as “a matter of fiscal responsibility,” noting that the library board heard from the city attorney that it could cost “hundreds of thousands of dollars” to fight a free-speech case.

Now Jackson and Bryan Fischer of the Idaho Values Alliance are determining the best course of action. “[T]hese two books are particularly objectionable,” says Fischer. “The Joy of Gay Sex contains very graphic, leave[s] nothing to the imagination [with] depictions of every variety of homosexual sex imaginable. It even has a chapter in it entitled ‘Daddy/Son Fantasies.'” Other chapter titles include “Exhibitionism and Voyeurism,” “Fisting,” “Sex with Animals,” and “Tearooms and Back Rooms.”

Fischer says the ACLU’s argument against removing the books is unfounded. “They argued that the policy violated the First Amendment’s freedom-of-speech provision,” he points out. “But this is clearly in error of the founding fathers. When they enacted the First Amendment [they] intended to protect political speech, not pornography.”

He also argues that the “bullying tactics” employed by the ACLU are typical of that group in its efforts to “trash community values” with threats of an expensive lawsuit. “It’s an abysmal state of affairs when a single letter from cultural thugs can undo two years of patient and pain-staking work…,” he laments.

Fischer and Jackson are currently exploring all legal options available to respond to the situation.

Well I’ll tell you what.  This is ridiculous and since the library can do what it wants, people should go find another library to go to.  Well that is if they care about keeping such disgusting books out of the view and hands of their children.  Yes it may mean you have to drive a bit farther, but at least you can make a statement to the library and help prolong your child’s innocence a little while longer.

God Bless,
Jason R. Bootie
The Truth Tracker

Written by truthtracker

September 19, 2008 at 1:14 PM

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