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Time to push the Truth of Troopergate!

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Well good evening folks.  I have been thinking and debating with myself on getting caught up with “Troopergate”.  We listen to this and read that, but after hearing so much BS, I’ve decided to repost some actual information and honest information regarding the so called “Troopergate” scandal.

The MSM has never before been so far in the tank for 1 candidate, and it is starting to get very sickening even to those of us who are usually able to stomach the biased media.  You may not notice but when they are called on their biased agendas, I happen to find it funny that they(MSM) don’t tend to deny the biased, but try to give justification for it, or try to change the subject all together.

So in the wake of the Media digging for anything they can, and to the twisted words, and interviews they are producing to try and bring down Gov. Sarah Palin, I feel it a necessity to provide you my fellow Americans with some audio that will show how the Democrats and a few Barack Obama supporters are trying to sabotage the investigation into Abuse of power by Gov. Palin.  I also want to make it know that the investigation has no legitimacy to it and will not damage anything like the liberals think it will.

The post below was written and posted by one of the main individuals who have gotten Gov. Palin on the Republican Ticket.  It takes audio that Amanda Carpenter from got and is sharing with us for the benefit of us finding out who is trying to do what with this (as Adam puts it) Non-Scandal.

ACTION ALERT: Bombshell Troopergate Audio!

I can’t believe I missed this column yesterday, but Townhall’s Amanda Carpenter has unearthed some very disturbing audio regarding the legislative “investigation” of the “Troopergate” non-scandal. The tape was made during a September 12 hearing of the state legislature’s Joint Judiciary Committee, in which the committee is discussing the investigation with Investigator Steve Branchflower. The bombshell information is dropped by Branchflower when he reveals that he does not have control of the subpoena list for his own investigation. Instead, he has to defer questions to the Democratic State Senator Hollis French, who is supervising the investigation. This is the same Hollis French who is one of Barack Obama’s leading Alaskan supporters, started using the term “impeachment” before the investigation even began, and is now vocally threatening the McCain-Palin campaign with an “October surprise”. Such a partisan hack has no business even participating in this investigation, let alone holding final control over who Steve Branchflower can or cannot talk to.

This is the last straw for me as far as this “Troopergate” nonsense is concerned. I’ve already spent time detailing Steve Branchflower’s conflicts of interest Sen. French’s partisan diatribes, and I will no longer go along with the media’s refusal to report the shenanigans of this kangaroo court. So, here’s what I’m proposing: Let’s make sure this audio gets into as many hands as possible. Send it to the Alaskan media, the national media, the McCain campaign, your local newspaper, your favorite conservative publication….anything goes. I’m going to go back and dig up all of the old articles on French and Branchflower so that we have a concise list of references regarding their conflicts of interest, which I will post here as soon as I can. I see no reason to rest until this story hits the national newswires. They want an October surprise, than we’ll give them an October surprise.

Posted by Adam Brickley, aka “ElephantMan”

This gentleman like I said was one of the most, if not the most influential people to help get the Palin for VP supporters rallied.  He has devoted tons of time that most people would never even attempt to share, with perfect strangers and has not wanted anything in return.

Folks please read, listen and share with everyone, so that the MSM is unable to try and smear Gov. Palin.  We need to make sure that “We the People”, are informed correctly and vote for what we know, and not for what the media wants to try and sell us.

God Bless,
Jason R. Bootie
The Truth Tracker

Written by truthtracker

September 17, 2008 at 11:54 AM

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