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Do people vote on emotion, rather than knowledge?

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Wow can you imagine what this gentleman has most likely had to go through!  I mean we hear folks all the time say oh I’m voting for Obama, and when asked why, they stutter and most can’t come up with a reason for voting for him, other than because they are black and so is he.  They say, they want change and want to be part of history, but don’t they understand that either way, whichever candidate gets voted into office, history will be made.

But here you have a black minister (and no I’m not talking about Rev. Manning) who says GOD comes before anything, or anyone and that he can’t vote for Senator Obama, because of his claim to be a Christian but yet Senator Obama supports issues such as special rights for homosexuals and abortion.  And Minister Green says “I will not vote for a candidate that does not share my same views on these 2 issues.”

Minister Green admits “The sad thing is that as an African American man I am expected to blindly support Senator Barack Obama in his bid for the Whitehouse” he reveals to all those who would expect him to just follow suit that “unfortunately I do not operate like that.”

Here is Minister Joe Green’s article in its whole form:

Why do black people love Barack Obama?

I first would like to say that I am a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ and that is a priority in my life. I put that before any other part of my life. There are certain responsibilities that come with that. I am not a political person and I am not looking to endorse a political candidate. As a Christian I do have certain obligations and requirements and they come from the authority of the scriptures. As a Christian I believe that Jesus Christ died so that I can have eternal life and therefore my obligation is to Him and His church.

The reason I feel inclined to mention that is because recently I have come under attack because of my writings concerning people’s doctrines and Philosophies. I had people ask me how I could say that a person is not a Christian just because they do not follow Jesus. I also have people question my political motivations for questioning Barack Obama’s faith. I assure you I am not running for public office and I am not on John McCain’s payroll.

The sad thing is that as an African American man I am expected to blindly support Senator Barack Obama in his bid for the Whitehouse; unfortunately I do not operate like that. As I have previously stated my main agenda is speaking out for things that I feel are priorities to God. Those 2 issues are pro-life issues and the protection of the institution of marriage. I will not vote for a candidate that does not share my same views on these 2 issues. That is a personal thing with me; you have the right under our constitution to not only differ with my opinion but to vote for whoever you like.

I do understand why so many people of color have such a passion for Senator Obama. I just want to shed a little light to white America on what is going on in the hearts and minds of the African American community.

The first thing is identification; because black people in America were stripped of their identity and much of their heritage we have been seeking to regain that for hundreds of years. We therefore, sometimes hold fast on anything that can help us to regain our culture and identity as a race. Our music, our style, and all the things that make us as a people unique to the rest of the world are things that we cherish.

The second thing is reparation; because many African Americans feel as though we have never truly dealt with the horrible institution of slavery that was legal for hundreds of years; we as a people sometime look for anything that we can deem as a payback, or as a form of closure for the pain and hurt that stripped us of our manhood and our humanness not only during the time of legalized slavery but even during the time of the “Jim Crow” era that denied us of our basic human rights. The most ironic part of this is that we as blacks now allow our unborn children to be murdered through abortion based on the same faulty logic that counted the black man as not fully human. But that is an entire story altogether. The thing that makes it worse is that the US government has given reparations to other groups that have been wronged such as the Japanese people during WWII. Blacks up to this point have not received anything of the sort.

As much as I like Senator Obama and would love to support him, I can’t. He is very articulate and intelligent. He has a lot of qualifications that make him a good leader. In good conscious I cannot vote for a person that is that far to the left on Abortion and gay marriage. Because I realize that my relationship to God and what His expectations for me are I have to stand with my faith. The issues of basic human rights and marriage are the very foundation of a civilized society and if we do not get these correct then the economy, healthcare, etc. will be irrelevant.

As a black man I reserve the right to make a choice. I am not telling you who to vote for and I am not saying that I will definitely vote for John McCain. What I am saying is that I put a high priority on my belief in the sanctity of life and the institution of marriage as the very foundation in which civilization rests upon. My vote will reflect what the most important issues of the day are. I will not allow color, gender, or political party to overshadow the issues that must be done in accordance to the will of my creator.

May God bless us all!

Well I’ll give Minister Green kudos for speaking out.  He is definitely a man of faith and is a brother in Christ with us, through our journey on earth.  I can’t even imagine, nor would I want to imagine what Minister Green has gone through after publicly informing other that he will be following God, rather than a man who has given implications that he feels he may be god.

I just want to say great job Minister Green for staying true to your beliefs instead of “jumping on the bandwagon” as some may have wanted or as you said expected you to.  You are definitely a disciple of the man upstairs and he is working through you to help so many in need.

Lord please keep Minister Green safe and allow him to continue to tough others hearts.

God Bless,
Jason R. Bootie
The Truth Tracker

Hat Tip: Allie Martin – OneNewsNow

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September 16, 2008 at 12:59 PM