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Do you agree with Al Sharpton that black 9-11 victims were treated more poorly than whites?

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Good evening folks.   Hope everyone had a great weekend.   I don’t know about your weekends but mine go by way to fast.  When that happens, we don’t always get to catch stories that would drive us nuts.  Then sometimes it isn’t our busy schedules, it is just the fact that we are not expected to see the news.

Well this story may surprise some folks, it won’t surprise others, and there will be those that think this story has been made up but rest assure that is not the case.  It just seems that there was only 1 individual that would agree with Al Sharpton to add yet another 9-11 conspiracy theory to what seems like a never ending list.  Yes just when you thought that we have heard them all, Mr. Sharpton is claiming African-American victims have been mistreated in favor of white “investment bankers” and others.

Yes folks we hear all the time how the Republican Party politicizes 9-11, and how Republicans use the race card, and they are Warmongers.  But you know folks; it gets old when we have to listen to this garbage without anyone standing up to say “stuff it Sharpton”.  I mean Sharpton is quite a tool, and he has shown time and time again that he wants to keep the race issue going at whatever cost.  He doesn’t care who he uses, insults, or upsets, as long as he gets front and center and is able to act like he is trying to help with a race issue that personally I believe is only in existence because of himself and other activists like Jesse Jackson, who use the fears of others to benefit and keep a job.  Not even sure what their job is, but they must be good at it. HAHA

I first got wind of the story over at The Radio Equalizer where Brian Maloney posted part of the transcript of Sharpton talking with Amsterdam News editor Eleanor Tatum.  Sharpton called the show seven years later- now you can hear the truth of what really happened.”

Here is just a portion of their discussion.

SHARPTON: I think a lot of people would be surprised as we see all of this sanctimonious behavior that none of these people have been aided in any way. And wasn’t even invited to the ceremonies this morning. I mean people that survived and ran for their lives are not part of what you are watching on television.

I think people need to know that. And over half of the people that were killed were people of color. You would not know that. Not that I condone anybody being killed. I certainly feel for the white families as well, but they’ve put a white face on this and you have to ask yourself why.


SHARPTON (44:40): That’s one of the reasons Ellie I wanted to do this show. This happened to us (blacks) too. Whoever did it, whether you believe the conspiracies or not, let’s not act like this happened to us too. And I think that is the point I am trying to make today.

ELEANOR TATUM: Yeah, that’s why the black press is so important because because we’re really the only ones that told the story of our communities as to what happened all across this country.

SHARPTON: Exactly, exactly right.

There is even more over at The Radio Equalizer and also I found a video clipAl Sharpton on 9/11/08 and John McCain on his will to win.

God Bless,
Jason R. Bootie
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September 15, 2008 at 1:21 PM