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We can’t try to please everybody!!! (Veterans request)

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When to fly POW-MIA flag sparks heated discussion at Berks

County commissioners meeting

Okay now I understand politicians feel they need to try and please everyone, but at times they need to make a stand and take any heat sent their direction.  We have a local county commissioner (Kevin S. Barnhardt) from Berks County, who disagrees with the request by two veteran groups (Disable American Veterans, Chapter 10, and Combined Veterans Council) that 11 POW-MIA flags be flown daily on county-owned properties.

Mr. Barnhardt is in his first term as commissioner, so I understand the desire to not want to upset many folks but his argument for not wanting to grant the Veterans their request of flying the flag daily is a typical please everyone response.

“Barnhardt said he respects the people who have defended the country, but he fears other groups, such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving and Years of Tears, would want equal treatment for their banners.”

Now I may be mistaken but does he think that those groups would even be a group if it weren’t for our brave men and women?  I mean that is just a huge insult to our military who has only 1 concrete mission in mind, and that is to keep us Americans safe and sound, and to give us the opportunity to be free.

How is it that our government wants to rely on our brave men and women whenever it suits them, but when those brave souls ask for a flag to be flown so that their missing brothers and sisters know they have not been forgotten, there has to be some resistance?

Commissioner Barnhardt was curious as to what he was suppose to say to other groups that he felt may want the same privilege of flying their flags.

“There are 89 murderers still on the loose,” he said, referring to Years of Tears, an organization of family and friends of victims of unsolved murders and suspicious deaths. “Are you going to tell them no?”

Commissioner Christian Y. Leinbach, had this to the point answer, “Absolutely!”

“That flag is a guarantee that if something happens to my son who serves in the United States Air Force, there are people who will do everything to bring him back home,” he said.

It sure is good to see that some of our elected officials still look up to our military.  Commissioner Leinbach was going to draft a policy for a vote Thursday that would require the flag be flown daily on county-owned flagpoles.

Commission Chairman Mark C. Scott said he respected all the opinions expressed, but did not indicate how he would vote.

Sovereign Bank donated the flags at a cost of $1,013.

God Bless,
Jason R. Bootie
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August 29, 2008 at 3:03 PM