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Where are the heart warming stories from Iraq?

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Lately we have seen few if any stories from our “Newsworthy” MSM, and we all know the reasons for that. First, the majority of the media are so far in the liberals pockets it is not even funny.  They wouldn’t dare print anything positive from the War On Terror.  Another reason for not printing stories, is that most of the MSM only think negativity sells, and seeing as how there has been little negativity going on in Iraq, the war has almost become back page material.

Now on occasion we have the privilege of hearing about the successes going on over in Iraq.  We hear about all the incredible things our brave men and women are doing over in Iraq and Afghanistan.  There are however, no where near enough of these tear jerking, stories that get shared with the American People.  I have a friend who was over in Iraq when we 1st went in and he shared a story that made me so proud of our troops and what they go through for our freedom, and to help secure a diplomatic Iraq.

He started off explaining how he and a few other marines were under snipper fire from a group of militants, when he spotted a young child caught in the cross fire.  What do you think he did?  Nope he didn’t just ignore the child and keep shooting at the insurgents, he got the attention of a fellow marine next to him, and while the rest of his fellow brothers and sisters covered them, they took off into the middle of the crossfire to grab the young child and bring the child back to safety.

I don’t remember hearing about these heroic stories, do you?   The reason I bring this to light is because of another story I read, “Soldier helps dream come true”. A young Iraqi girl, Shahad Abbas was walking to school when a roadside bomb exploded nearby.  Two pieces of shrapnel are still lodged in her back to remind her of that day.  Her little brother, Ali, was killed.  Falcon couldn’t just walk on, so he stopped to talk.  He came back the next day and the day after that, then every day for six months, bringing her toys, gauze for her legs, a new wheelchair. Anything she asked for he would bring.   Staff Sgt. Luis Falcon and Shahad created a bond, and Sgt. Falcon made it his mission to help Shahad get a set of prosthetic limbs. Just three weeks before he’s scheduled to leave Iraq, his dream and hers came true.   Shahad was fitted with prosthetic limbs in a U.S. military-funded clinic in Baghdad.  And a few days later her mother and uncle wheeled her in to the clinic to pick up her prosthetic legs.  By that afternoon she was taking her first steps.   At first she was tentative and a little scared.

Falcon called out, “Sasha, come give me a hug.”  With a sloppy grin on her face, she took several shaky steps into his arms.

These are just a few of what I can only imagine are hundreds if not thousands of heart felt stories that our incompetent MSM are unwilling to cover.  So that leaves it up to you and I to spread these wonderful stories about so many incredible individuals.

God Bless,
The Truth Tracker
Jason R. Bootie

Written by truthtracker

June 6, 2008 at 4:43 AM

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  1. God bless you Jason for writing such a heartwarming story and reminding us just how awesome these men and women are who are fighting for our freedom. We must never forget just how special people really are.

    Dena Leichnitz

    June 6, 2008 at 5:10 AM

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