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Why do cities have to front Presidential Candidates’ visits?

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Am I missing something here?  I read an article in one of the local newspapers with the following headline, “Candidates’ visits to PA costly.”  This intrigued my curiosity, so I read the article and “WOW”, is all I could say.

We have these candidates out campaigning and claiming we are going through or heading towards a recession, and that our economy is going down the drain.  These are the same candidates who are breaking fund raising records by bringing in double digit millions almost monthly.  Maybe it is me but wouldn’t that give you the idea that these candidates should be able to cover the costs of campaign stops.  Some cities claim they are still owed money for outstanding, police and security expenses related to campaign events.  Four different PA cities that were chosen to host campaign events are out about $24,800 and 100 police officer hrs.


Cities said they’re left with the following costs after presidential candidates visited:

about $3,000: Hillary Clinton’s April visit to York

about $1,800: one of Barack Obama’s visits to Lancaster

about $20,000: visits from Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama to Wilkes-Barre

100 extra police hours: Clinton and Obama visits to Bethlehem]

This just baffles me because you have these candidates who are in no way in touch w/ the everyday American.  Yet they will gladly take as much of our hard earned money as they can.  Then their campaigns don’t even make sure all the costs involved with holding an event are taken care of.  Anyone willing to take a good guess at who will end up fronting the rest of the bill?  My guess would be the hardworking American taxpayers living in those towns.  How many other towns and cities do they still owe money too?

I don’t know about you, but this just infuriates me.  There may not be any laws or requirements to pay for everything, but they should be more than happy to pay for the privilege to meet the hard working Americans, who decide their fate come Nov.

God Bless,
The Truth Tracker
Jason R. Bootie

Written by truthtracker

May 23, 2008 at 2:33 AM

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