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Whatever Happened to that Famous “Race” Speech?

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I was just reading through the Sunday Newspaper and came across a great column”Obama’s Speech Rings Hollow” by Charles Krauthammer.  Then it actually got me wondering what happened to all the hoopla and hype over Obama’s great “Race” speech in Philadelphia?  I mean for days afterward all we heard was how great he did and how we as a nation needed such a speech.  The MSM, and all those Obama loving TV networks were practically drooling over the speech.  I remember reading or hearing about how “this speech will go down as one of the greatest in history”, and blah, blah,blah.  I mean Bob Herbert a columnist from the NYT went as far as suggesting that the speech “should be required reading in classrooms across the country”.  I’ll give them one thing and that’s it, the man can speak to a crowd.  He is quite a speaker, especially when he has a TelePrompter.

Well if this speech was so great why aren’t we still hearing all about it?  It has only been a little over a month, and I am not sure the last time I heard it brought up.  How can something that great and powerful, be forgotten so quickly?

Could it be that the MSM, the TV Networks, and all those Obama supporters don’t want everyone to start setting their stop watches for Barack their new “Messiah” to disown his white grandmother, and the black community, just like he disowned Rev. Wright.  That came in his “race” speech as well, stating he “could no more disown Wright than his White Grandmother or the black community”.

Well after Wright repeated his radical comments in the public settings, Obama had no choice but to try and sever all ties with Rev. Wright.  Yes it just goes to show the typical politician and their desire to gain “political expediency”.  However I have yet to see the news conference where Barack Hussein Obama has disowned his “white grandmother or the black community”.  I’m sure I am not the only person interested in finding out when this news conference will take place.  Wait what am I thinking, he never knew how bad his 20yr Rev. was until April 28th when Wright was invited to the National Press Club.

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Jason R. Bootie

Written by truthtracker

May 20, 2008 at 5:43 AM