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Don’t Blame the Internet Sites! Individual Responsibility is needed!!!

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Well everyone, we see here that the teens in the recent Florida attack on a classmate has encouraged others to follow their lead.

Police: Indiana girls beat 12-year-old, posted video online……

So after this newest attack by a group of individuals trying to get on the internet, I do not blame You Tube, Myspace, or any of the other sites for the actions of others. I do believe they should get in their contract (I’ll be reading to see what guidelines and clauses they have), of not being held accountable. They must however find a way to monitor such horrific videos and actions and not allow them to reach public viewing, and if any videos of such nature slip on to the sites, they should remove them and either way report the behavior to the proper authorities at once.  We must make sure Personal responsibility is accepted.  We have gotten away from that in today’s society.

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Jason R. Bootie

Written by truthtracker

April 24, 2008 at 4:17 AM